ZERO BREEZE Portable Air Conditioner 1 Year Review - Pros and Cons
The article mainly describes the contents of the video: using experience from @Savannah&Drew about ZERO BREEZE Mark2 for one year. Included four parts: Main features of ZERO BREEZE Mark2; Savannah & Drew's process of using Mark2; Their experience feelings; their summaries about the pros and cons of Mark2. Hope the article contents can help you to learn ZERO BREEZE Mark2 more.
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How do I keep my car cool while camping?
I use my Mark 2 AC in my car with the air intake and exhaust pointed out the sunroof, with the unit itself sitting between the front seats. Blowing cool air backwards into the rear seats, it's a great breeze for sleeping!
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The best AC for my SeaArk ProCat 200 Boat
I recently installed a ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 in my Sea Ark Procat 200 Catfishing Boat in order to fish for longer periods of time on hot days in Arkansas. The unit far exceeded my expectations in terms of keeping me cool while fishing with and without the Bimini Top Up.
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