Answers about ZERO BREEZE Mark II

Answers about Zero Breeze Mark II
The founder of ZERO BREEZE, MAX, created an idea of outdoor camping air conditioning in outdoor camping in 2014. By 2016, the ZERO BREEZE team launched the world's first portable air conditioner for outdoor camping. ZERO BREEZE encountered many doubtful voices in the development process.: "This is definitely an evaporative air conditioner!" "I can't imagine the built-in compressor!" Also at that time, such small units of air conditioning didn't exist on the AC market, there was also no testing equipment for such small units. Many unexpected problems came out in the production due to the lake of experience.
However, We eliminated the difficult procurement and custom testing equipment and brought together more experts in the air-conditioning field to cooperate with professional air-conditioning manufacturers. Also thanks to the supporters for their suggestions, and many constructive questions. Thanks for the love of the outdoors, the loving for innovation and the unremitting efforts of the team and the manufacturing partners. Today we are launching a new generation of ZERO BREEZE Mark II.
16 significant meaningful upgrades
The ZERO BREEZE Mark II not only brings a new look but also brings 16 significant and meaningful upgrades.
(Thanks to GM designers Songming and Denni for their amazing ID design)
Small, portable
Why do make such a small air conditioner?
there are tons of air conditioners on the market, there are also portable air conditioners, so, why another portable air conditioner?
Traditional air conditioners are designed for fixed spaces, they are static, large and very heavy. Even for home mobile portable air conditioners, they have to move horizontally in the room instead of being carried everywhere.
Most importantly, they use the household AC, 110V-240V, which is unrealistic in outdoor. We need to solve these problems to make it really portable.
We spent four years’ constantly researching and developing to minimizing volumetric weight and improving the experience of use. We are very proud that we have finally completed a really small and portable air conditioner.
small but powerful
ZERO BREEZE Mark II's built-in 24v inverter compressor, smaller than the coca-cola can, with a 2300 BTU cooling capacity.
The small compressor is the key to making the ZERO BREEZE Mark II small and portable.
Why use a micro compressor to cool?
There are sure some small portable cooling devices on the market, but they are not the best solution.
When we went to the first moment of outdoor cooling equipment, we thought of the compressor, not by ice, or water. A compressor will not bring inconvenience for users but real cooling.
Why is the compressor solution so expensive?
First of all, the cost of conventional compressor refrigeration equipment is not low, and the cost of micro compressors is even higher.
The experiences of the outdoor portable compressors are almost blank. There are some compressors for communication equipment, but those are not very environmentally friendly, and the noise is very loud. There are also some compressors for small refrigerators, but due to different uses, energy and working conditions, they also can not meet the needs of outdoor air conditioning refrigeration.
We need to develop a dedicated compressor. We were constantly optimizing for many relative contradictions such as volume, speed, displacement, power consumption, compression ratio, and strive for more effective performance. The compressor is very sophisticated equipment. The production of compressors requires specialized manufacturing equipment and specialized laboratories. We hired senior doctors of compressors to join us and invest a lot of human resources and funds.
We continuously combined the scene experiment test on the compressor. Finally, the 2300 BTU 24 inverter compressor came to the world.
Why choose 2300BTU instead of using 5000BTU with a higher cooling capacity?
From the principle of energy conservation, high power requires more power consumption. the energy consumption of small air conditioners is 3-4 EER and 450W for 5000BTU. If we use our current 630Wh battery, it can only work for more than 1 hour. Besides, the 5000BTU cooling capacity will make it bulky and cumbersome, and it will require a larger capacity battery. The battery will be bulky and lose the essence of portability.
Also, we don't want to use a high voltage for safety concerns. 24v will be safer. If the power consumption is 450w, the current will be close to 20A at 24v, which will bring hidden dangers to the users.
The space that needs to be cooled in outdoors is not too big. The 2300 BTU is enough for individuals, families of three, and small trailers, and the battery weight and input are suitable and safe.
Best system
Making a compressor is only the first step. We also need to consider…. Is there enough airflow to achieve heat dissipation and cold air conduction? Can it achieve a good cooling capacity? these will depend on the whole system. The Mark II has designed a compact dual-tube cooling system based on outdoor portable considerations. Compared with the single tube system, the space cooling capacity is increased by at least 40%; the variable frequency centrifugal fan used can achieve small volume and large air volume, and the air volume is increased by 50% compared with the previous generation.
Reducing the size of the air conditioner will affect the air volume of the air conditioning system. In order to achieve a portable size and ensure the air volume and low noise of the air conditioning system, we have carried out multiple rounds of design and testing and finally adopted a variable frequency centrifugal fan. The fan has a compact structure, large air volume, high static pressure, low vibration, and low noise.
With the adapter, Mark II supports the use of third-party battery work.
  • requirements of using a cigarette lighter interface: 12-24v, 210w
  • requirements of using an AC drive interface:100-240v, 300w
GOAL ZERO YETI 400: uses AC drive for 1.5 hours
The output of the 12v port on the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 is only 120W, which can't meet the 210w requirement of the air conditioner. Therefore, it can only be connected to the AC inverter output to use, which will have 20% energy efficiency loss, so there will be only 4-6hrs estimated working time.
uses 12V Power Pole Port (output): 6.5-9.5 hours of operation;
uses 120V AC inverter (output):5.3-7.5 hours of operation
Midland PPG100
works with 120V AC inverter (output) for 4.5 hours


  • Zak Gruber

    Is it a real air conditioner?

  • Peter Van Der Zee

    Hey is the zerro breeze suitable for 230 volts. and is it possible to send it to the Netherlands, what would be the delivery time. Sincerely, Peter van der Zee

  • Forrest

    Would of preferred scroal compressor which would start up with no load conserving battery. It would extend life of system. Many good ideas, keep up the good work.

  • Nancy Clark

    Will this cool the interior of a Ford Econoline van enough to keep my dogs cool for 2 hours?

  • Jeanne Adams

    What is the warranty on this?

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