How do I make my camping tent more comfortable?

How do I make my camping tent more comfortable?

According to Statista, over 40 million Americans go camping every year. And their favorite season is summer. If you don't want to sweat in your tent during those sultry afternoons and nights, you really need to check the best tent air conditioner for camping.

A van tent is very common in camping. It is simply a tent that sits on top of your van. It can be installed by anyone with simple installation instructions and can be erected in seconds! You can drive around with a tent attached to your roof. It is like a mobile home that doesn't break the bank! Nonetheless, a tent camping trip still has to face difficulties such as humidity, extreme weather, and temperature. Of course, you'll need is a portable air conditioner.

AC for camping

Is it hot inside the tent?

One of the painful things about an adventure into the wilderness is a hot tent. After a day of fun adventures, you just want to get into the tent and have a good rest. But the tent is as hot as an oven. You sweat even after a shower. It can really the trip experience.

The tent has less temperature control than the van. They can both get extremely hot and stuffy. People usually have air conditioners to deal with the heat in the van, and with ZERO BREEZE Mark 2, an air conditioner in the tent comes very much in handy.

Family matters

You need to choose a tent that will make you feel comfortable when you hang it in.

Sleeping in a rooftop tent is a fun experience. It’s like relaxing in a tree house. Give your family the gift of being more in touch with nature, sleep under the stars and wake up to the song of birds.

However, in hot and humid summer camps, we can stand the heat during the day, but nighttime is harder to bare when it comes to sleeping. Although adventure can be fun for us in pleasant weather, some families would like the option of great AC during a camping trip.

Family camping with an AC

Why do tents get so hot?

Tent usually doesn't have insulation. Tents capture heat easily because of the greenhouse effect. Tents trap warm air during the day. The sun can pass through the fabric of the tent and heat up the inside, but the hot air can't get out again, making your tent very hot and bothersome.

Moreover, the weather plays a huge role in tent camping. In particularly hot or humid weather, extra body heat can become a burden. It can make the inside of the tent more humid, sweaty, and uncomfortable.

Keep your tent cool.

How hot can tents get?

You probably noticed that the temperature in the tent can vary depending on the environment and weather around it. For example, in about 60-degree weather at night with one person in a 6-person tent, the inside of a tent will be about 1.25 degrees warmer than the outside. Assuming your tent is not under direct sunlight and the temperature is near average, your tent can be about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than outdoors. If you are in direct sunlight, the tent will be like a solar oven. When you try to get in your tent on a hot afternoon in hot weather, you may find your tent can be 20 degrees hotter than outside. No one wants to sleep in a hot and humid tent after a day of fun adventure, so figuring out how to cool down the tent will be important.

Off-grid air conditioner for tent

How do you prevent the tents from getting too hot?

  • Set up late - You may set up your tent too early in the day. It will absorb all the heat from the sun. If possible, pitch your tent in the evening, when the sun sets and the air gets cold.
  • Airflow - If a tent has windows, some people shut it down and hope to keep the cool air inside. The cool air won't last long, especially when the sun comes up. So open all the windows and doors of your tent, and you will get enough airflow. It may not cool your tent very much, but it will at least help a little.
  • Pitch in the shade - Pitch your tent in a shady place, otherwise, it will heat up quickly. The shade will change depending on the position of the sun throughout the day. Thus, it is important to choose the perfect place.
  • Air conditioner - Some people are not well prepared for summer tent camping. They are used to camping in spring or fall and are not very familiar with hot weather camping. Thinking about how to cool the tent will be the priority. Having a portable air conditioner will be a perfect solution. Turn on the air conditioner, it will help cool the air in the tent.
Air conditioner for tent in summer

Does a portable ac work in a tent?

If you’ll be doing a lot of summer camping, it’s worth investing in an air conditioner for your tent. That way, your tent will be pleasantly cool even on warm nights – and you can fully enjoy your camping experience.

The ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is the best tent air conditioner out there. It is specially designed for adventure uses. You won’t need an electric hook-up to use it. It has a battery that can be charged using your car cigarette lighter or even with solar energy through a special adaptor. With its 2300 BTU, it is fully enough to cool down a sleeping tent.

The ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is a great all-around option that’s 60% lighter and almost 50% smaller than traditional portable air conditioners. In just 10 minutes, it can cool the air by 30°F (16°C). Plus, it has a heat dissipation pipe to quickly and easily transfer heat from your tent. It is also very quiet, its 52db noise level is only a little noisier than a home fridge. It won't bother your sleeping as a generator does.

Air conditioner for rooftop tent

Ultimately, your choice may affect how much you enjoy your adventures. We hope you can enjoy your travel, adventure, and nature a little more. The ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is a multi-use portable air conditioner. Not only can it be used in the tent, but it can also be used when hiking, pet walking, or any other thing you can think of.

ZERO BREEZE is continuously exploring the intersection of off-grid technology and comfort to make outdoor camping life better. Meetings' basic needs like energy efficiency, compact size, and seamless deployment are finally a breeze.

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