Small But Powerful 

ElecHive 2200

Portable Power Station

Small size 

 High Capacity 

Steady & Safe 

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Body size compare to a basketball with capacity of 2400WH and an output capacity of 2200W. Zero Breeze ElecHive 2200 Portable Power Station optimized for outdoor environment. Small size with large capacity , solid and reliable and Easy to carry. STAY LONGER, EXPERIENCE MORE.

 Power Whenever You Need

Emergency Use

-Be prepared for any emergency with our easy-to-use, high capacity, small size portable power stations.

Power Appliances At Home 

-Keep your essential appliances running during an outage by plugging into Elechive 2200

 Out-door Adventures

-Easy  to carry and reliable power for your our-door adventures

Power Whatever You Want

- Run your car, fridge, TVs, grills, lighting, tools and more with variety of charging ports
-Different powering options allow you to charge up and run multiple devices all at the same time.
-All-in-one power station is perfect for use at indoor & outdoor activities and as an emergency power back-up.

Smart Phone (12 Wh): 127
Tablet (30 Wh): 51
Laptop (50 Wh): 31
POV Camera (5 Wh): 303
DSLR Camera (18 Wh): 84
Head Lamp (5 Wh): 303

Hours of Runtime:
Light-a-Life 350 (4.5 Wh): 337
Light Bulb (11 Wh): 138
CPAP (65 Wh): 24
TV (42" LED) (100 Wh): 15
Pellet Grill (60 Wh): 26
Microwave (1000 Wh): 2
Portable Fridge (25 Wh): 61
Mini Fridge(35 Wh): 44
Full Size Refrigerator (55 Wh): 28
Circular Saw (13 Amp) (1500 Wh): 1

Powerful & Small 

- Body designed with smallest size possible with easy carry handles

- Elechive 2200 is 60-80% smaller than other power stations with same power capacity

-Also offers 110-220% more power than other power stations with same size

Powerful & Safe

-Redesigned better cooling air duct

-Reduced noise level

Powerful & Steady

-Dust proof

-Moisture proof

-Shock proof

Wide Range Of Charging Ports

Ways To Recharge Your Station :

 Power In Hand : 

Elechiv 2200  APP allows you to Monitor, control and optimize power usage with your phone 24/7 . Features remote control of power in/out, real-time power consumption notifications, and charging profiles to optimize your battery life