ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for Truck

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Instant Cool, Save Money
No APU Required

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How do you survive summer without an APU?

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 offers a fast, hassle-free cooling solution, perfect for those sweltering summer nights. With easy setup and no complex installation, it reduces idling time and keeps you cool while you sleep.

Mark 2 stands out by significantly cutting down fuel costs and reducing engine wear, making it a practical and economical choice for truckers. Enjoy a comfortable rest without the high costs and complexity of an APU.

Plug & Play Cooling

With Mark 2, there’s no complex installation needed. Just plug it in and turn it on to combat the heat. Perfect for those hot nights when you need quick relief from the heat without any hassle.

Portable and Flexible

Weighing just 16.5 pounds, the Mark 2 is designed for easy transport and setup. Its compact size and handle make it perfect for on-the-go cooling, allowing you to freely move and place it wherever you need it most within your truck.

Cost-effective Cooling

Keep cool all night without the need to idle your engine, saving fuel and reducing wear and tear. Simply charge the Mark 2’s battery through your vehicle’s cigarette lighter during the day, and enjoy a full night of comfort without the high energy costs associated with traditional AC systems.

Stay Cool, Save Fuel

Can ZERO BREEZE Reduce Trucker Idle Time and Keep Money in Your Pocket?

Hear From Our Users

"Switching to the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 in my Freightliner Cascadia has cut my diesel costs significantly. I run two batteries through the night, and it's economical. A must-have for cost-conscious truckers like me. "


"Even though the Mark 2 is optimized for nighttime, I’ve had success during the day by directing the cool air under a blanket in my Ford F-650. It turns the cab into a mini oasis.
I recommend getting the dual battery bundle for extended comfort, and don’t forget the 12v to 24v adapter for seamless integration with your truck's power system. "


"My truck doesn't have an APU, and it's a big expense to install one. The Mark 2 has been a lifesaver during the summer. As long as it's not too hot during the day, I just use the Mark 2 pointed at me.
If it gets really hot, I idle the truck AC, but this has already saved me a lot of fuel. The best part is that the Mark 2 keeps me cool and comfortable all night long."

John D

"My wife drives a Peterbilt 579 through Nevada, and the Zero Breeze has been a lifesaver in 100+ degree weather. It keeps her cool without the need for idling. It's critical for her comfort and safety on long hauls. "


"My truck's APU broke down, and I didn't want to spend more money fixing it. The Mark 2 was a great solution. From ordering to using it took less than a week, and I installed it myself. It’s been a game-changer for my comfort during the nights."


"Our company trucks don't have APUs, and we often switch vehicles. The Mark 2 has been fantastic. It's so easy to move from one truck to another. It provides excellent cooling, and the setup is quick and simple. This flexibility is exactly what I needed."

Michael B

"I've been using the Mark 2 for a few weeks now. My truck doesn’t have an APU, and installing one is too costly. The Mark 2 cools my cab efficiently, especially at night. It’s saved me a lot on fuel and maintenance. Highly recommend it for any trucker without an APU."

Emily S

Key Features of Mark 2

Cooling Power: 2300 BTU for effective temperature control.

Energy Efficiency: Maximizes comfort with a maximum power draw of only 240W.

Lightweight Design: Weighs just 16.5 pounds, making it easy to move and set up.

Power Supply: Operates on 24V DC with an included 120V AC adapter for versatile power options.

Dual Hose System: Features a dual hose system for both intake and exhaust, improving cooling efficiency and speed.

The Mark 2 Battery

Mark 2's battery isn’t just for cooling; it's a mobile power solution. Lightweight and portable, it can be charged in multiple ways to suit your lifestyle:

120V AC Adapter: Charge at home or any standard outlet.

Vehicle Cigarette Lighter: Convenient charging while driving with minimal setup.

Solar Power: Embrace the power of the sun to charge your battery, making it ideal for sustained off-grid use.

Truckers' Choice


Semi-truck Cooling

Cool sleep without engine idling or APU | Up to 16H in sleep mode

$1797.75 $2397

1 X Mark 2 AC
2 X Mark 2 Battery
2 X Window Slider
1 X Free12V to 24V Inverter
1 X Free Power Extension Dock

$1797.75  $2397

Pay as low as $345/mo. Klarna.


1 * ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 Air Conditioner

1 * 24V DC Power Adapter for Wall Outlet

1 * Drainage Pipe

3 * Venting Hose

2 * Venting Hose Connection Adapter

1 * IR Remote Controller

1 * ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 User guide

2 * Screws for Connection Adapter of Mark 2

The Mark 2 AC is versatile and can be adapted for various sizes and types of trucks. Its portability allows for easy setup in virtually any truck's sleeping area without the need for permanent installation or electrical modifications. Simply place it, plug it in, and start cooling.

The Mark 2 AC consumes a maximum of 240W when operating at full capacity. Equipped with two batteries, it can comfortably run all night without the risk of running out of power.

To maximize the cooling effectiveness of the Mark 2 AC, ensure the cool air is directed towards the area that needs cooling, such as the truck's sleeping area. Using thermal curtains or partitions can help keep the cool air confined to a limited space, increasing efficiency.

It takes about 5-6 hours to fully charge the Mark 2 AC’s batteries using the standard AC adapter or a car charger. It's recommended to charge during the day while driving so it's ready for nighttime use.

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is designed to reduce idling time, not to replace your truck's built-in AC. It's a compact air conditioner primarily intended for keeping you cool at night and providing direct cooling during short stops in the day.
In extremely hot weather, you will still need to rely on your truck's AC to stay cool. Mark 2 effectively helps to reduce fuel consumption by minimizing the need to idle your truck's engine, especially during nighttime rest.

While the Mark 2 AC is quite powerful, it is primarily designed to directly cool smaller personal spaces, such as a sleeping area. For cooling the entire truck, additional cooling strategies may be needed.

The Mark 2 AC is designed for simplicity and low maintenance. Regularly cleaning the filter and checking the battery condition are recommended to ensure efficiency and extend the lifespan.
Additionally, it’s important to use a container to collect condensation and position the unit slightly elevated with the drainage pipe angled downwards to facilitate water drainage.

Absolutely. The Mark 2 AC comes with a rechargeable battery and can also be powered directly using a 12V to 24V adapter, making it ideal for use in trucks without a built-in power system.

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