Tips & How-tos

Seven Tips for Mark2 AC that you may not Know
The guideline introduced several tips for Mark2 that you may not know. Including a dehumidification function, reversing the Mark2 to achieve a heating effect, and light off mode, you're no need to screw the aviation head and the window slider for window accessory installation.
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8 Power Supply Solutions for ZERO BREEZE Mark2 AC
There are two conventional power supply solutions for the MK2 air conditioner, namely the MK2 battery and the MK2 adapter. During the use of the MK2 air conditioner, we have found that users have various demands on how to extend the working time of the MK2 air conditioner and have tried various methods. Here, we try to sort out these solutions, which include several key elements: what objects are needed, how to connect them, what effects they bring, and what you need to pay attention to.
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