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Designed for the Outdoors

“With its carry-friendly design, powerful micro-compressor, and battery operation, ZERO BREEZE delivers freedom and comfort to every corner of your outdoor world.”

Why Choose Mark 2 AC

Portable and Easy to Use

Lightweight and user-friendly, weighing only 16.5 pounds, perfect for any camping setup. Enjoy hassle-free installation and instant cooling anywhere, anytime.

Energy Efficient

Stay cool all night with minimal power consumption. The Mark 2 AC uses less than 1 kWh per night, with a maximum power draw of only 240W.

Off-Grid Ready

Ideal for off-grid adventures, it supports 24V systems and can be powered by 110V AC, 12-24V car ports, or solar setups, ensuring you stay cool no matter where you are.

Ruined by Heat? Not Anymore!

“Lying down to rest after a long day, only to find the ground is as hot as a car hood from the day's sun. Nighttime brings little relief from the heat.”

Mia from Las Vegas,


“The worst is "sleeping" in a pool of your own sweat. What brought me back to camping was technology. We can now come close to the comfort of home inside a tent and that has made me change my mind about camping in general. "

Jake from Phoenix


“Humid, sticky nights with only a fan that barely makes a difference. Trying to sleep in 90% humidity is like trying to breathe under water.”

Chris from Tampa,


"Thanks to the Mark 2, my wife and kids are now eager to join me on camping trips. It brings the comfort of home into the wild, making our family adventures delightful."

Chris, Bozeman


“Using an AC in the tent not only cools the air but also seals us away from pesky mosquitoes. With just a fan, it’s like an open invitation for them through the mesh.”

Sara from Baton Rouge


"My heart condition won't allow me to cope with the extremes of the weather but I love the memoris of camping want to continue it as long as possible! I’m all in on cooling and dehumidifying the tent in order to sleep a little stress free👍"

Olivia from Portland


Rethinking Outdoor Comfort

Chasing Happiness, Not Discomfort

“Planning the perfect outdoor getaway should be about joy, not battling discomfort. Imagine a serene destination spoiled by the stifling heat of an unsuitable tent.
ZERO BREEZE pioneered the first portable air conditioner for outdoor use, bringing comfort and flexibility to conquer hot, humid climates. We integrate home comforts into nature, ensuring restful sleep after a day of adventure.
Play all day, sleep comfortably all night."


Mark 2

Your Sanctuary of Cool, Anytime, Anywhere.

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