To ease outdoor living with innovations.

Our Vision

For ages, adventurers have shared tales of their bold exploits in the great outdoors. They say, "You haven't lived until you've weathered storms and sweltering heat, experiencing nature's true beauty and the thrill of adventure." Indeed, the challenges we overcome make our memories richer. However, not all hardships are worth enduring. If you've ever camped in the summer, you'll never forget the sticky nights and the struggle to sleep. Worse still, a restless night leaves you drained for the day ahead. This is where ZERO BREEZE comes in. Founder Max, after a sweltering night of camping, realized the need for a portable air conditioner that truly delivers for outdoor enthusiasts. He teamed up with a few friends, and the rest is history.

In 2014, the team embarked on research and design for a portable air conditioner. Their goal was clear: create a unit that's effortlessly cool, portable, and off-grid capable.

By 2016, after two years of relentless pursuit, they introduced the Mark 1. This revolutionary product, the world's first true portable, battery-powered air conditioner with 1100BTU, garnered widespread attention and support.

Building on their success, in 2019, the team launched the Mark 2. This upgraded version, with 2300 BTU, was more effifficient and mature, based on valuable user feedback and experiences.

In 2021, recognizing the need for reliable backup power, they introduced the ElecHive portable power station. With a capacity of 2500wh and an output of 2200w, it became the perfect companion for the Mark 2.

Responding to user demand for greater cooling capacity, in 2023, the team unveiled the Mark 3. This new model caters to a wider range of outdoor applications, providing even more powerful cooling performance.


The pursuit of something often brings unexpected surprises. ZERO BREEZE initially set out to create portable air conditioners for campers, offering relief from the summer heat and encouraging outdoor adventures for people of all ages, while ensuring their safety and comfort. Along the way, we discovered unexpected users benefiting from our products: patients with Erythromelalgia, medical emergency teams, outdoor workers (like semi-truck drivers and construction workers), race car drivers, and even pets. The Mark 2 found its way into unexpected places, such as helicopters, boats, ambulances, flower cultivation rooms, and drivelines, among others. At ZERO BREEZE, we believe that technology should enhance everyone's quality of life, allowing us to focus on the more meaningful aspects of life. Our journey extends beyond providing portable cooling solutions; it's about making a positive impact on communities and the environment worldwide.