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Finding a sustainable way to enjoy off-grid air conditioning has always been a challenge, especially during the sweltering summer nights. Whether equipped with a rooftop AC and a high-capacity power setup or not, traditional systems can provide intense cooling while connected to shore power, but often fail to offer sustainable comfort during the unconnected, tense overnight stays in nature.

The Mark 2 AC revolutionizes this experience. In van life, we need to think differently than home air conditioning—energy is precious, and we need to use it wisely to ensure comfort when and where it's most needed.

Unlike traditional air conditioners that deplete battery levels overnight, the Mark 2 AC efficiently manages energy, cooling only the necessary sleeping area instead of the entire vehicle. By using just 240 watts, the Mark 2 replaces traditional rooftop ACs that consume around 800 watts.
This allows you to enjoy air conditioning all night long, using significantly less energy.

Key Features of Mark 2

Cooling Power: 2300 BTU for effective temperature control.

Energy Efficiency: Maximizes comfort with a maximum power draw of only 240W.

Lightweight Design: Weighs just 16.5 pounds, making it easy to move and set up.

Power Supply: Operates on 24V DC with an included 120V AC adapter for versatile power options.

Battery: Comes with a removable 840Wh battery for extended use.

Dual Hose System: Features a dual hose system for both intake and exhaust, improving cooling efficiency and speed.

No Hassle

Simple Setup

The Mark 2 AC offers an effortless cooling solution for van life—no need for vehicle modifications or complex installations. Just like setting up a fan, place the unit near your sleeping area, extend the dual-hose system through a window, and turn it on.

Efficient Cooling: Focused Comfort for Your Sleep Area

With its modest 2300 BTU output, the Mark 2 AC delivers targeted cooling directly to your sleeping area— not the whole vehicle. This focused approach means you enjoy maximum comfort with minimal energy use.

Cost Savings with Mark 2

Economic Efficiency:

Reduced Energy Consumption: While a typical rooftop air conditioner may require up to 5kWh or more per night, Mark 2 operates efficiently with just 1kWh. This drastic reduction in energy usage translates to lower electricity costs and less strain on your vehicle's battery.

Operational Costs: Traditional AC systems often rely on heavy power consumption which can lead to frequent use of generators or large, expensive solar setups to meet their energy demands.

Maintenance and Durability: Mark 2 is designed with simplicity and durability in mind. It lacks the complex installation and heavy components of rooftop units, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs and maintenance.

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Van life Cooling

As cozy as home | Up to 8H in sleep mode

$1273.5 $1698

1 X Mark 2 AC
1 X Mark 2 Battery
1 X Window Slider
1 X Free 12V to 24V Inverter

$1273.5  $1698

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"I've been searching for a true off-grid AC solution and finally found it with the Mark 2. No more dependencies, just pure comfort on the road. It perfectly fits my Mercedes Sprinter conversion, making my escapes into the wild truly sustainable."


"Investing in the Mark 2 AC was the best decision I've made for my van life. There's nothing more vital than a good night's sleep during travels, and Mark 2 makes it happen, even in the heat of Arizona summers in my Ford Transit."


"Before Mark 2, I used to bear the loud noises from rooftop ACs and generators. Now, my nights are quiet and my sleep is undisturbed, all thanks to the Mark 2’s efficient and silent operation in my VW Crafter."


"I regret investing in a 12,000 BTU rooftop AC. It's a hit or miss at crowded campsites due to power limitations, and in the wild, I had to rely on noisy generators. Mark 2 changed the game for my Dodge Promaster, offering freedom and peace."


"Thank you, Mark 2, for showing me what a true off-grid AC should be like. My previous 5,000 BTU unit struggled during the day and was useless at night. With Mark 2, I focus on cooling my sleeping area, not the entire van. It's perfect for my Nissan NV200."


"The Mark 2 uses less than 30% of my battery capacity overnight, which is incredible. It allows me to enjoy a cool, comfortable sleep without stressing about power the next day ."


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Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance

Advanced Cooling Technology

Dive into the technology that makes Mark 2 a standout choice for van life enthusiasts. Our state-of-the-art dual-cylinder compressor and specialized centrifugal fan are engineered for maximum efficiency and minimal noise, providing powerful cooling with a lower energy footprint. This cutting-edge technology ensures that you get robust cooling performance without the bulk or noise of traditional units.

Stay Powered in Any Setting

Versatile Power Options

Mark 2’s versatility extends to its array of power supply options, ensuring you can keep cool no matter where your adventures take you:

AC Adapter: Easily connect to a standard 120V AC outlet for convenient charging.

Vehicle Integration: For van lifers, connect directly to your van’s 12V power system using our optional 12V to 24V adapter, designed for systems outputting more than 300W.

Battery Powered: Utilize the Mark 2’s removable battery to maintain cooling without a permanent installation. Perfect for maintaining flexibility in where and how you use your AC.

Flexible Charging for Continuous Cooling

The Mark 2 Battery: Power That Moves With You

Mark 2's battery isn’t just for cooling; it's a mobile power solution. Lightweight and portable, it can be charged in multiple ways to suit your lifestyle:

120V AC Adapter: Charge at home or any standard outlet.

Vehicle Cigarette Lighter: Convenient charging while driving with minimal setup.

Solar Power: Embrace the power of the sun to charge your battery, making it ideal for sustained off-grid use.

Ride Cooler with Morgan Phillips

Discover how Morgan Phillips keeps cool on the go with Zero Breeze Mark 2

So glad I bought this right before the hottest summer in world history. I appreciate the Zero Breeze most at night. I cannot sleep if it’s hot and humid. This unit not only removes humidity from my campervan, it cools it to a comfortable temperature.
It also uses only 150 watts in sleep mode which is critical when you rely on solar. There is no sun at night! I really can’t think of anything negative to say about this product.

——By PE


surviving the NYC summer was no easy task. I thought a 5K btu air conditioner is enough to cool my Sprinter campervan but it wasn’t! Although the window-type AC can run for 6 hours using my Bluetti AC200 Max + B230 module, it’s simply not enough to be comfortable.
Hence comes the ZeroBreeze! ZB (150-300 watts) uses less than half of wattage compared to 5K window-type AC (350-800 watts) which means it can run using my bluetti for atleast 16 hours. 

——By RO


Day one of using my ZERO BREEZE AC, I was very surprised how nice and cool the van got. It was 85 degrees and humid outside. Within an hour and a half of running the ZERO BREEZE the van 🚐 was in the 70s and significantly less humid. Comfortable enough to sleep in.
Pictures are of the Installation.

——By DN


1 * ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 Air Conditioner

1 * 24V DC Power Adapter for Wall Outlet

1 * Drainage Pipe

3 * Venting Hose

2 * Venting Hose Connection Adapter

1 * IR Remote Controller

1 * ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 User guide

2 * Screws for Connection Adapter of Mark 2

Yes, the Mark 2 AC can run overnight on battery power. When using one battery, it can run for about 3 to 5 hours in cooling mode and up to 8 hours in sleep mode. With two batteries combined, it can operate for 6 to 10 hours in cooling mode and up to 16 hours in sleep mode. This allows for a full night's rest in most conditions without needing a recharge.

Mark 2 is designed for ease of use and flexibility. It requires no permanent installation, so you can place it near your sleeping area or anywhere else in your van. Simply set it up, extend the exhaust hose out a window, and enjoy the cool air.

Mark 2 AC is optimized for cooling smaller, targeted areas like your sleeping space. This focus allows for efficient cooling without the high energy costs of larger systems. It's perfect for creating a comfortable sleeping environment in your van.

To maximize the cooling effect of the Mark 2 AC, consider the following tips:

  1. Proper Placement: Position the AC close to your sleeping area or the space you want to cool. Use it in smaller, enclosed spaces where the cool air can be contained and circulated effectively.
  2. Insulate the Space: Enhance the insulation of your van or tent to prevent cool air from escaping. This might involve using insulated curtains, sealing gaps, and ensuring that windows and doors are closed or covered.
  3. Use Dual Hose Setup: If possible, utilize the dual hose system which helps in efficient heat expulsion and enhances the cooling efficiency.
  4. Pre-cool the Area: Start the AC a bit before you need to use the space. Pre-cooling helps in bringing down the temperature gradually and maintaining it comfortably when it's time to sleep or relax.
  5. Maintain the AC: Regularly clean the filters and maintain the AC unit to ensure it operates at peak efficiency.
  6. Optimize Power Usage: For extended use, especially when relying solely on battery power, consider using the sleep mode or lower settings to maximize operational duration without compromising too much on cooling.

With a maximum power draw of 240 watts, Mark 2 is one of the most energy-efficient portable air conditioners on the market, making it ideal for van life where energy conservation is crucial.

Yes, the Mark 2 can be charged using solar power. We offer solar panel accessories specifically designed to work with the Mark 2, allowing you to maintain a sustainable and off-grid cooling system.

Mark 2 AC is designed for low maintenance. Regularly clean the air filters and ensure the exhaust hose is clear to maintain optimal performance. No specialized skills are needed for its upkeep.

Definitely! Mark 2 AC is built to be rugged and durable. It can withstand the vibrations and bumps commonly experienced while driving off-road, making it a reliable choice for adventurers.

The Mark 2 comes with a one-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. Extended warranties are available for purchase to provide additional peace of mind.

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