Infrared Remote Extender Cable for Mark 2 AC

Infrared Remote Extender Cable for Mark 2 AC

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Length of USB interface to the receiver: 1.4 meters
Length of the receiver to the transmitter: 2 meters
It can extend the range of infrared signal reception, solving the problem of the Mark 2 AC being obstructed and the infrared remote control being unable to control it. With this device, you can remotely control it even if Mark 2 is not within your line of sight.

User guide:
1. Insert the USB interface into the battery of Mark 2 or any other USB power interface.
2. Place the receiver within your sight line and the transmitter near Mark 2.
3. When using it, align the remote control with the receiver to achieve more flexible control over Mark 2.

Working principle:
Press the button on the remote control to transmit the signal. The receiver captures the remote control signal, which is then transmitted through the cable to the transmitter. The transmitter sends the signal to Mark 2, completing the remote control operation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Absolutely required

Makes the remote control for the Mark 2 a usable feature.

Bruce Carter
Excellent accessory

This made using the remote possible in my tiny camper.

John Groover
Remote control for Zero Breeze

The remote control works great. Now I don't have to worry where I place it