Cool My Lab Pet at the Office

Cool My Lab Pet at the Office
By Evan Spirk
ZERO BREEZE truly has impacted my life in a positive way. I have a Chocolate Lab that comes to work with me every day. Our office is pet-friendly but incredibly hot. All-year-round. I had a choice, watch her pant because she is so hot all day, every day, or take her to dog daycare and have most of her life being spent with someone else. Did I mention the joy she brings to myself and others during those stressful days that I am sure everyone can relate to. I came across  ZERO BREEZE. She has not been hot a day since. It sounds trivial, but my dog is my life right now. She is my family. To find a product that allowed her to stay comfortable and with me every day. Priceless. It's just amazing. Thank you,  ZERO BREEZE. It seems like such a small thing, but for me it allowed me to be with my best friend every day and know she is comfortable. 
Stay cool with ZERO BREEZE

Oh, I am also a tech nerd hence the heat map image below...Ha. I thought it was interesting to see how her space really is cooler. The big white blob is her. Ha.

Cooler for my pets


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