How do I keep my car cool while camping?

Stay cool while car camping

By Campbell Simpson

The ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC does a great job of cooling the car when you're camping! If you can crack a window, you can keep the whole car cool!

I use my Mark 2 AC in my car with the air intake and exhaust pointed out the sunroof, with the unit itself sitting between the front seats. Blowing cool air backwards into the rear seats. It's a great breeze for sleeping! It runs quietly and does a great job of cooling the space, bringing fresh air in from outside and keeping hot air away.

Stay cool while car camping

Since the Mark 2 battery lasts 5 hours on night mode while cooling, I can run it to fall asleep and for most of the night. When I'm awake and up and about during the day, the battery charges from the 12V plug in my car or from a 240V wall plug if I'm near one. And then I can keep cool the very next day or night!

A comfortable camping night

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