How ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 works in a Scamptralier?

How Zero Breeze Mark 2 works in a Scamptralier?

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What kind of trailer?
My Scamp is a 13', which is about 65 square feet. I enclose an area of about 20 square feet. That area is easily cooled on the lowest setting. I'm not sure I'd consider attempting to cool the entire camper.

Battery powered ac for trailer

I finally worked out a convenient means of using the ZeroBreeze Mark 2 with my Scamp. The black hoses are insulated and attach via quick-release dryer vents. In all it takes me about 2 minutes to get connected and running. The area to be cooled is just the table/bed which can be enclosed with insulated curtains.

air conditioner for camping

Installation tips
1. The top black hose is for the cold air output and the lower for the evaporator intake.
2. Wooden block below
Lift the front end of the machine to facilitate quick draining of condensate
3. The upward exhaust duct blows out hot air.
The downward exhaust pipe sucks in cold air.

Next up will be a rain cover and some sort of anti-theft device. Stay tuned. 

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