Installation of Mark 2 AC on the Roof of the Trailer

Installation of Mark 2 AC on the Roof of the Trailer

The ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is the world's first portable air conditioner. It is known for its portability and it has been very popular in the camping industry, as well as in emergency use and special care. Mark 2 has adjustable venting hoses and air outlet ducts, which are easy to direct the cool air and exhaust the hot air. We usually recommend people use it as a handy appliance, but it can also be installed anywhere, and that turns out great!

Mark 2 AC is placed in the storage box.

David is the one who installs Mark 2 on top of his trailer. This is the way we have never seen before. Let's hear what he says about it:

"I have constructed a clean way to install a ZERO BREEZE system that nobody has done! No one knows that my very small trailer unit has a/c installed due to the stealth we have installed this unit. it's one of a kind!!! It took about 2 weeks to pull this install off. More Pics to come on this killer build!!!

Enjoy the breeze baby!


Attach the Mark 2 AC to a Storage Box.

We can tell from the pictures that he attached the Mark 2 to a storage box on the roof of his trailer. It takes some craftwork.

Let's see how he did it.

Installing the Mark 2 Unit

"Installing the Breeze unit the right way! I love this setup. It costs about $250 more to install it like this. Well worth the money. Everybody asked me about the box on the roof of my Teardrop trailer. LOL, I tell them it's the a/c unit and they say wow very cool.

Best regards



Heat Exhuast

Cool Air Intake

These are very detailed instruction pictures. Thanks to David for the great idea, his result really showed us there are many possibilities Mark 2 could have. Hopefully, this will inspire others to get creative and be the coolest camper.

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