Set up a Mark 2 air conditioner in my bedroom

Set up a Mark 2 air conditioner in my bedroom

By Matthew Bunales

So my story starts in Hanford, CA. I moved here because of work relocation and I struggled to find an affordable apartment. The apartment that I was so blessed to find didn't have AC and they didn't allow tenants to use any major appliances other than what was provided. The building manager made sure to inspect for those things each time she did maintenance in the apartment. No window units were allowed. In the summer, temperatures here get into the triple digits and stay there for about three long hot months. Fans helped but I just couldn't sleep due to the heat.

So I researched battery powered AC and ZERO BREEZE was the answer. I set it up in my bedroom and now I can sleep comfortably with very minimal noise. It can rev up at times but in nighttime mode it’s quiet enough for me to not notice it. I love my zero breeze and I would be a grouch without it. Here’s my set up.

Portable AC for my bedroom

Oh and my manager lets me use it. She said since it’s battery-powered that it’s okay to use. Love that! Lol.

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