Sleeping with Mark 2 AC in a truck

Sleeping with Mark 2 AC in a truck

Why do you need

​Truck drivers drive around the country from day to day and spend a lot of time eating and resting in their trucks. It's like their second home. In summer, it can be a challenge to sleep in a truck. Many truck drivers are suffering from the summer heat and are trying to find the best way to stay out of it. They need an air conditioner, the one that a truck has is not enough for them. Considering the one that doesn't cost too much fuel, doesn't take up too much space in the back seat, and is easy to use, the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 portable air conditioner can be a solution.

Mark 2 is a real air conditioner. It doesn't need water or tons of ice to cool the area. It does what a household air conditioner does. In addition, it is compact, easy to set up on-site, convenient, and easy to carry and store.

Easy to set up

​Mark 2 does not require installation. It is free to move around as you need. The weight is 16.50 lbs. It's very light, you can take it to many places. A small window air conditioner is much heavier than this, and window AC can not be moved easily after installation. The Mark 2 is 3rd the size of most air conditioners and has the smallest compressor ever made. It was the size of a coke can, so Mark 2 can be very compact. In order to have a more efficient cooling effect, we recommend drivers use a curtain to create a smaller place in the back seat. It is very simple to set up with a window slider and two venting hoses. By connecting to another tube in the front, the cold air can be pointed to exactly the place you want.


Speaking of the battery. It is 24V and has an 840W capacity. There is a cable that connects the body and the battery. You can purchase an extension cable if you have two batteries. Batteries only weigh 12 pounds. With two batteries, Mark 2 can cool your area for up to 10 hours. The battery has different USB ports, so you can charge your other devices. Truck drivers can charge the battery with a car cigarette interface while driving. They can also charge batteries with solar panels and suitable portable power stations. In this case, you don't need a fuel generator to power any other units like APU. This will save a lot of money on fuel. For example, if 1 gallon per hour you need $4, you will spend $32 on 8 gallons per night, $160 on 40 gallons per week, and $640 on 160 gallons per month. With the battery attached, you don't need any other power resources.

Enough cooling

Mark 2 has 2300BTU. It is not only good for spot cooling but also enough to cool an area of 25-40 square feet. Many Mark 2 owners with trucks insulate their trucks for better cooling. They use blackout curtains or reflective curtains to cover the windows. This helps block heat resources and also makes the area more private. Using Mark 2 under ideal conditions, you can lower the temperature up to 20 degrees. Some reviews from truckers mention it sometimes gets too cold at night, so don't forget to put it in sleep mode.

ZERO BREEZE designed Mark 2 specifically for life on the go, for those who want to be cool wherever they are. Mark 2 provides flexible cooling options and a variety of settings. Especially off-grid. For truck drivers who spend most of their time in their trucks, Mark 2 will help them create a more comfortable resting area. With the features of compact size, battery-powered, and easy to use, the Mark 2 will be the best friend of the truck driver.

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