ZERO BREEZE Portable Air Conditioner 1 Year Review - Pros and Cons
The article mainly describes the contents of the video: using experience from @Savannah&Drew about ZERO BREEZE Mark2 for one year. Included four parts: Main features of ZERO BREEZE Mark2; Savannah & Drew's process of using Mark2; Their experience feelings; their summaries about the pros and cons of Mark2. Hope the article contents can help you to learn ZERO BREEZE Mark2 more.
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DIY Air Conditioner for Sprinter Van Motorhome
Two different placing setup of the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC for indoor and outdoor. Both meet your limited RV space and cooling needs. The ZERO BREEZE Mark II definitely can cool the bedroom area to make the space more comfortable; however, the most effective use of the ZERO BREEZE is as a spot cooler, having it blow a chilly breeze on you while you sleep - - you'll need a blanket, because it's pretty darned cold.
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