ZERO BREEZE Portable Air Conditioner 1 Year Review - Pros and Cons

ZERO BREEZE Portable Air Conditioner 1 Year Review - Pros and Cons
Today, I'd like to share with you a review video from Savanah&Drew's in-depth analysis of their one-year experience with the ZERO BREEZE Mark2. The video content included a deep discussion of Mark2's performance and highlighted its features. If you're interested in portable air conditioners, let's take a look and see what they think of Mark 2 AC.
First of all, they summarize several main functions of ZERO BREEZE Mark2:

Main Features of ZERO BREEZE Mark2

  • 2300BTU
  • Sole cooling units, not a full air conditioning system (compared with traditional split air conditioner).
  • Completely portable, you can take it anywhere you want.
  • Battery operation
  • 24V battery can be used for about 5 hours (under cooling mode, and under sleep mode, it can be used for 8 hours).The battery takes around 5 hours to fully charge.
  • It can also be plugged directly into the wall if you have AC power available
  • Operating power consumption: 200-240W
  • Weighs 16.5 lbs (the battery weighs 12 lbs)
After summarizing features of ZERO BREEZE Mark2, they show their using procedure of ZB Mark2 in detail:

Savannah & Drew's process of using Mark2:

Step1: You can choose it either with the battery pack or to plug it directly into the wall.

  • If you’re using the battery, it clips right onto the bottom of the main unit, then uses a cable to connect the Mark2 AC and its battery. Then turn both the battery and the Mark2 on, and it will power up.
  • If you’re choosing to plug it directly into a wall outlet, you can use the provided power cord. It connects directly to the same port that the battery does.

Step2: Connect Condensation Drain Tube

Step3: Connect Intake and Exhaust Hoses

Step4: Use the window slider to position hoses out a window

Step5: Connect the Air Outlet Hose in front

*The step is optional, and it can be used for blowing to a specific target.

Step6: Turn Power On

*Note: It’s Savannah & Drew’s using procedure, you can choose your way to use ZERO BREEZE Mark2.

Savannah & Drew's Experience Feelings:

  • Savannah said she sometimes puts the Mark2 on their bus while she does video editing on hot days. When their window AC unit is broken, they just keep using ZERO BREEZE Mark2 to save the fixing budget.

  • They installed curtains inside the RV for better localized cooling.

  • Pups saver: One of the biggest reason they use Mark2 is for their pups, their doggies love the ZERO BREEZE. Dogs can nap in front of the tube wherever the tube is pointing cool air blowing out the front. Then Savannah and Drew can safely leave them for a while.


Pros and Cons of Mark2 compiled by Savannah & Drew:

  1. Portable (grab and move it wherever you want)
  2. Dehumdify
  3. Low power draw: 200W-240W (compared with other brands with over 600W or even more than 1000W power consumption)
  4. Various charging methods: battery; wall outlet; external power bank; solar panels, etc.
         (For more charging methods article, you could visit here.)
  1. No installation procedure and other parts required, easy to use
  1. 1. No way to charge the battery and power A/C unit at the same time without additional purchase.
        (You could buy Power Extension Dock for Mark2 to attain dual batteries with a 240W adapter to achieve charge and discharge at the same time)
  1. Exterior durability (may has scractches during usage).
  2. Small area surrounding power port so that it’s hard to get your fingers in there really minior. (The ZB cables can be easily plugged in, no need to screw them tightly. For more Mark2 Tips you could visit here).


Hope the video contents can help you to understand ZERO BREEZE Mark2 from different perspectives.
If you plan to buy a portable air conditioner for your camper, please click here for more Mark2 information.

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