Using Mark II in my golf cart

ZERO BREEZE Mark II in my golf cart
Vickie Callison

Ok. I’m up and operational. I have my new unit installed in my golf cart using my door works enclosure that I normally only us for winter.
I installed a 48v to 24v converter due to the batteries not being shipped. The unit seems to pull very little off the cart 6x8v batteries. But I will still be excited to use the ZERO BREEZE battery to off load any work on my cart. I will use the cart battery as a backup in case the battery does not last the 4 hour round of golf.
We will hit 90 degrees today so I will give it a good test.

I mounted the unit in the back between the clubs. It fits so I can still use two full size bags.
I also installed a new back panel of plastic for my rear window so I could cut a hole for the duct house and the return air. Fits very nice. This is exactly what I wanted this unit for.

It lowers the temp in the cart but also blows cold air directly on me and my playing partner. So much better than a simple fan.

I have included my installation pictures. I also added a platform to simulate the size of the battery so I can swap it out with the battery when it arrives and still fit my hose and return opening.

I would love to hear of other example uses for the units.


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