Using the ZERO BREEZE portable electric powered air conditioner in a trailer

portable electric powered air conditioner in an truck cabin
Thomas M Michalak

Using the ZERO BREEZE 1 portable electric powered air conditioner in an 18 wheeler tractor-trailer.

I joined the ZERO BREEZE Mark II, launch group. The ZERO BREEZE Mark II has a lot of potential for use as a portable electric powered air conditioner in an 18 wheeler truck cabin. It produces the equivalent of 2,300 BTUs of cooling while using a maximum of 210 watts per hour of electricity. Very efficient. Most big trucks have about 1,020 watts available for accessories in their 4 big starter batteries. That and the ZERO BREEZE Mark II lithium-ion battery (630 watts) provides 1,020 plus 630 equals 1,650 watts. You can run the ZERO BREEZE without a generator. You can add 2 deep-cycle batteries, if you want, for more power. If you want, you can run it from a small generator like the Honda eu1000i.
A truck idling the big diesel engine (12-15 liters displacement) (420-520 horsepower) for 10-12 hours just to run the air conditioner wastes a lot of fuel, pollutes the air, and creates unwanted heat. It takes about 1 horsepower to run the engine air conditioner. About 98.5% of the energy in a gallon of diesel fuel used for idling is wasted (goes up in smoke).
Imagine 50 trucks lined up in a row, all idling their engines. That is what goes on in truck stops in the U.S.

Note: 745.7 watts of electricity = 1 mechanical horsepower.

electric powered air conditioner for trailer
portable ac for semi truck

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