Beyond BTU: Why Mark 2 AC Redefines Outdoor Cooling

Beyond BTU: Why Mark 2 AC Redefines Outdoor Cooling
As an all-in-one unit air conditioner, Mark 2 AC may leave some users undecided about whether to choose it or other outdoor air conditioning products with higher BTUs. The article will help you to clarify your doubts regarding BTU and other aspects.

Mark 2 AC Owns Real Portability

The Mark 2 AC is designed to focus on enhanced portability and mobility, making it easy to carry with just one hand and ensuring greater safety during outdoor camping activities. For instance, it increases safety during transportation, such as lifting it onto the roof of a car to set up a rooftop tent. The improvements in its design facilitate convenient movement and enhance safety while handling the device during various outdoor adventures.
Weight Information
Mark 2
Other brand
AC Unit weight
16.5lbs (7.5kg)
32lbs (14kg)
Battery weight
12lbs (5kg)
16.9lbs (7.5kg)
Total weight
28.5lbs (12.5kg)
48.9lbs (21.5kg)
Unit Size
20"L x 10"W x 11"H
20.4"L x 11.7"W x 13.2"H
Battery Size
20"L x 8.6"W x 2.3"H
20.3''L × 8.6''W × 3.6''H
*50 lbs refers to a 50-gallon drum of water or a medium-sized chest freezer.


Separate Charging for Battery

The Mark 2's battery is designed to be charged separately, providing convenient options for users. If you buy two batteries, you could charge one while using the other, ensuring continuous operation. Moreover, the Mark2 can be combined with an expansion dock and other power supply devices, allowing for a perpetual cycle of charging and discharging. (For the specific method, please click the article to read).
While users of other brands encounter inconvenience as they have to charge the entire unit, comprising both the AC and battery, during usage.


What can 2300 BTU do?

The cooling capacity of 2300 BTU is suitable for a two-person tent, rooftop tent (RTT), or providing localized cooling in smaller vehicle interiors. This moderate cooling capability makes it an ideal choice for outdoor camping, rooftop tent setups, and cooling specific areas inside vehicles. Whether you're camping in a tent or exploring the great outdoors in your RTT, or even seeking relief from the heat inside a compact vehicle, the 2300 BTU cooling function is well-suited for these applications. You can also design your ideal cooling solutions through setting venting hoses, to achieve a better cooling effect.


While 5100 BTU can achieve effective cooling in larger spaces, making it more suitable for vans or medium-sized areas, it also comes with the trade-off of increased power consumption. We will discuss it in the next part.

Less BTU, Less Power Comsumption

Users pursuing higher BTU may forget that generating more BTU also entails higher energy consumption. For instance, the Mark 2 AC produces 2300 BTU with an output power of 240W, resulting in an energy efficiency ratio of approximately 10 (2300 BTU / 240W ≈ 10). On the other hand, some other brands produce 5100 BTU but consume 700W of power, resulting in an energy efficiency ratio of 7.2. Actually, this means Mark 2 generates the same amount of BTU with less power. For example, using the same 2400Wh of solar generator, the Mark2 with a 240W output can be used for 10 hours in a strong mode, while another brand with a 700W output can be used for approximately 2400Wh/700W≈3.4 hours.

Mark 2 AC Owns Up to 8 Charging Methods

Mark 2 AC offers a versatile range of up to eight charging methods, accommodating users' diverse power supply solutions. For instance, users can conveniently utilize their existing 24V battery to charge the Mark 2 AC. In comparison, some other brands may provide only four charging methods, such as AC charging, solar charging, car cigarette charging, or power station charging, all of which are encompassed within the charging options available for the Mark 2 AC.


Mark 2 AC can blow out winds directly towards users

The air outlet direction of Mark 2 AC is designed to blow directly, while the fan blades of other brands are either blown up angle or closed down. That means Mark 2 can blow air directly at people, while other brands can only be used for cooling the space and are not suitable for blowing air towards people or their lovely pets.

Hope the article can help you to better understand Mark 2 AC, and its unique advantages, enabling you to make an informed decision when choosing outdoor air conditioning products.


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