Your gift guide 2022 for off-grid life

Your gift guide 2022 for off-grid life


ZERO BREEZE Holiday Gift Guide

As each holiday approaches, it means it's time for big family get-togethers, holiday parties, and friends popping in to give and receive gifts.

It's not always obvious what the best gift to give is because there are plenty of options. If you want to search for the ideal present for your dad, a meaningful gift for your siblings, or something nice for yourselves. What could be a precious gift that they could enjoy for years to come? Can it be used in multiple scenes and taken anywhere? Can it be both technically and aesthetically pleasing?

​ZERO BREEZE comes in three bundles, and there's a handy guide to help you figure out what you need.

Cooling Bundle

1. When you want a long cooling time

The ElecHive is made for Mark 2 air conditioner. With the included adapter cable, you can connect them together within one simple step, and you will have up to 14 hours of cooling time. You can also charge other devices with ElecHive as well.

Off-grid Bundle


2. When you want unlimited power

There is a Solar charging cable for ElecHive and a 240W power supply for ElecHive are included. ​The solar panels will have a max output of 200W. You can plug them into the normal Anderson port on the ElecHive to recharge it.

Cooling Off-grid Bundle


3. When you want all of them

​Three popular ZERO BREEZE items. There's a Mark 2 air conditioner that gives you a small area cooling effect, an ElecHive that gives you a 2200W power output, and a 100W foldable solar panel that provides your device with free green solar power.

These include Mark 2 to ElecHive adpeter cable, a Solar cahrging cable for ElecHive, and a 240W power supply for ElecHive.


Mark 2 Accessories


4. Mark 2 Accessories

  • If you already have a Mark 2 air conditioner and need additional cooling time on a quick day trip, you can get a battery or two. Each battery will last you 3-5 hours of cooling, depending on the mode of operation. With a power extension dock for the Mark 2, you will not need to get up and switch batteries.

  • If you want to charge the Mark 2 battery from another power source, you can consider the 12V to 24V converter to charge the Mark 2 battery, or the DIY cord with GX16-4 connector, which is for powering Mark 2 or charging Mark 2 battery directly from your 24V power source.

  • There are also three cables for connecting the Mark 2 to other branded power stations, including one for Ecoflow, one for Goal Zero, and two for Bluetti. For Bluetti users, there are two versions of cables, and be minded, the 12v 25A Cable must be used with the 12V to 24V Converter. Check out more to see what power station models they can connect to.

  • Years of protection are also available for you to choose from. You can activate a 2-year Mark 2 Care+ or 3-year Mark 2 Care+ within 30 days of receiving a Mark 2 AC. 

 ElecHive Accessories

5. ElecHive Accessories

  • Get a 1250W fast-charging power supply for ElecHive 2200. The 1250W Power supply can charge your ElecHive 2200 from empty to 90% in around 2 hours and 90% to full in round 0.5 hours. It is the fastest way of charging ElecHive.

  • A 600W power supply is also a good choice. The 600W Power supply can charge your ElecHive 2200 in about 4.2 hours. Just simply plug it into the fast-charging Anderson port on the back of the ElecHive, you will have a full functional ElecHive within 5 hours.

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