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Minimize Carbon Footprint ZERO BREEZE
Battery-powered ac

Today, it is hard to imagine navigating a summer without air conditioning. We depend on it to cool and climate-control our homes, office buildings, and automobiles for more comfortable living and productive working. For people who have difficulties regulating their body temperature, AC is not a luxury, but a necessity, or even a life saver.

That said, we are getting over-reliant on air conditioning, thus contributing an increase of carbon dioxide emissions. If we can’t go without AC, what can we do to minimize the side effects of our AC system?

Some tips for you to keep cool in a more sustainable way:
♻️Plant more trees around your house or park your car in the shade.
Trees can reduce the heat load on a buildings or vehicles and takes heat away from the air through transpiration.
♻️Keep your house or vehicle well insulated.
Effective insulation can dramatically save the most possible energy and the planet as well.
♻️Rely less on AC units.
Use AC less frequently and avoid wasting cool air on unnecessary space.
♻️Harness the power of nature for clean renewable energy to run your AC system.
Solar, wind and hydroelectric power are more available than ever before and have little to no negative environmental effects.

The ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is proudly made with low-carbon technologies.

The compressor we use for the Mark 2 is re-engineered (we couldn’t find a ready-made one to fit our expectation) with consumers and the planet in mind. An high energy efficient AC not only saves energy, but also saves you expenses on fuel or electricity.

2300 BTU is perfect to cool a personal zone or a small area for sleeping. No cool air will be wasted on space where the temperature doesn’t matter. It’s a nice supplemental or backup AC for some people, and for others it’s just what they’re looking for.

Last but not the least, the Mark 2 battery is solar rechargeable.

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