ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 New Companion-ElecHive

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 New Companion-ElecHive
When summer rolls around, outdoor camping enthusiasts can't wait to embark on their adventures, seeking solace amidst nature's beauty. However, the scorching heat can often dampen the spirits of even the most ardent campers. Thankfully, the innovative ZERO BREEZE Mark2 has emerged as the perfect companion for beating the heat while camping. With its portable and refrigerated design, this cutting-edge device ensures you stay cool wherever your outdoor travels take you.

One of the standout features of the ZERO BREEZE Mark2 is its battery-powered options. With a single battery, you can enjoy up to 8 hours of operation in sleep mode or 3 hours in ultra-fast cooling mode. You can also have the option to utilize two batteries simultaneously. But what if your camping adventures demand an even larger power supply? That's where ElecHive comes in. With a whopping 2500 Wh of electricity, ElecHive ensures that your Mark2 can operate for approximately 10-25 hours.
The combination of the ZERO BREEZE Mark2 and ElecHive creates a revolutionalized outdoor camping experiences. No longer will you have to endure oppressive heatwaves or struggle with limited cooling options. With these cutting-edge devices at your side, you can revel in the joy of outdoor adventures while staying refreshingly cool. Let's look at the detailed information about their combination.

1. ElecHive is the Perfect Companion for Mark2 AC

The Zero Breeze ElecHive is equipped with a powerful 2500Wh battery, which provides a substantial amount of electricity. It is specifically designed to be used with the Mark2 air conditioner, offering various operating modes that can sustain it for a duration of 10 to 25 hours. The output power in sleep mode is 100W, normal cooling mode is 150W, and the ultra-fast cooling mode is 240W. 
Sleep mode: 2500Wh/100W=25h
Cool mode: 2500Wh/150W≈16h
Strong mode: 2500Wh/240W≈10h
*the working time corresponding to ElecHive is the total watt-hour divided by power
In addition, ElecHive has a dedicated 24V port, named Anderson port, used exclusively for connecting to Mark2. This dedicated interface ensures that the ElecHive supplies DC power directly to the Mark2, eliminating the energy loss that occurs when converting AC power to DC power through other interfaces. This direct power supply not only saves energy, but also increases overall efficiency.

2. Power Supply Assistant for Outdoor Camping and Home Emergency

ElecHive weighs only 40lbs/18.3kg. Its compact size can be placed in the box of a motorcycle. There are built-in two handles set on the top for easy carrying and lifting, no extra space is taken up. The top plane can be served as a temporary snack table, or put your beloved office supplies such as laptops. With ElecHive, you have the freedom to take reliable power with you wherever you need it.
In addition to its exquisite and portable appearance, it also has powerful performance capabilities. Its powerful battery can provide 2200W of power output, equivalent to a standard wall socket! And it packs a massive 2500Wh capacity, which means all your devices will stay powered for extended periods, eliminating concerns about running out of battery. Among the 11 high-performance output ports, four AC ports can directly power your home appliances.
The details of these charging times are for your reference:

3. Other Effective Features of ElecHive

  • Using 1250W fast charging power supply, the ElecHive 2200 can be fully charged in only 2.5 hours.
  • The charge for 2300 cycles can still attain 80% battery health level (means the ElecHive still has around 2000Wh capacity after 2300 cycles).
  • Assuming a charging frequency of once every three days, and 10 charges per month, 120 times a year, then 2300 cycles means you can use it for almost 20 years.
  • ElecHive has multiple charging methods:
  1. Solar panels in series (The charging time depends on how many solar panels are charging and grouped in parallel)
  2. Charge with a car charger (120W input car charger nearly 26 hours full charge)
  3. Charge with 600W power supply (nearly 5 hours to charge fully)
  4. Charge with a 1250W power supply (only 2.5 hours to charge fully)  
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