Condensation Water

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 drainage
Condensation Water
Like any other AC, the Mark 2 produces water as part of the cooling process.

When hot air travels across the cold condense coil inside the unit, it causes condensation(moisture in the air) to form on the coil. The condensation drips off the coil when it accumulates to a certain amount, which is why you see water coming out of the unit.

T I P S:
Tilt the unit slightly to completely drain the water out of the backside.
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  • Jackie

    How much water will the machine put out so I know how large of a receptacle I need for example over night or more than 8 hours ? Or any time the machine fills up with h20 how much is that ? Is it a gallon ? A few cups ? Seems to me a lot of water.
    Also I’m having problems all the time trying to find the perfect height to drain the water into a bucket instead of out of the sides and bottom of the machine . Last night I ran the hose I to a bucket
    Smooth pipe no kinks . Water soaked into my carpet instead from under the machine . It never drained through the hose which was on there correctly. It’s pretty simple .
    It’s only ever worked correctly one time for me.
    I keep practicing different places and scenarios. I really want to keep this machine. Its very expensive for me . So I must make sure it’s not gonna give me problems like this . Otherwise I’m in LOVE with it .
    Thanx . Does it help to have the machine tilted back while running to drain the water ? Is it OK to do that if it helps?
    And can i use a shorter hose so it drains straighter from lower heights ?
    And how much water does it put out thanx .
    I saw a video with a 8 oz cup and there’s no way that cup is large enough to hold the water spewing out .


    @Mary It is best to lean it backward 5-10 degrees, not forward or left or right, otherwise the condensate water will leak from the front, side and bottom of the air conditioner. Hope it helps you.

  • Mary

    How do I keep my tent floor from getting wet? I have tilted the unit and ran the hose out of the tent, I keep getting a puddle of water on the tent floor.

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