Celebrate ZERO BREEZE’s 8th Anniversary: Sleep Cool and Comfortable Outdoors

Celebrate ZERO BREEZE’s 8th Anniversary: Sleep Cool and Comfortable Outdoors

Quality Sleep in the Great Outdoors

We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, so quality rest is essential. Yet, in our hectic, urbanized world, achieving a good night’s sleep is becoming increasingly difficult. Many people seek refuge in nature to escape daily stresses, while some have no choice but to sleep in their semi-truck cab to earn a living. For both, sleeping comfortably outdoors has its own challenges. While heaters are widely accepted for winter, using air conditioning in summer remains a debated topic.

For Better Cooling Outdoors: From Mark 1 to Mark 3

This is where ZERO BREEZE comes in. Since 2014, we have been dedicated to making outdoor living more comfortable. After experiencing an unbearably hot night camping, our founder Max and his team developed the Mark 1, the world’s first portable, battery-powered air conditioner. Launched in 2016, it brought 1100 BTU of cooling power to outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Building on its success, we introduced the Mark 2 in 2019 with enhanced features, including 2300 BTU for better cooling efficiency. In 2021, we expanded with the ElecHive portable power station, and by 2023, we unveiled the Mark 3 for even more powerful cooling.

mark 1 to 3

Mark 2 Development: Innovations and Accessories

To better meet user needs and enhance convenience, our team developed several accessories for the Mark 2. The Mark 2 AC portable bag makes carrying and storing the unit easier for outdoor adventures. The 12V to 24V converter allows users to connect their existing 12V battery systems effortlessly. Our power extension dock enables the connection of two batteries simultaneously, allowing for charging and discharging at the same time.

The front air inlet duct adapter lets users place the AC unit outside their sleeping space, expanding the cool area and reducing noise. The infrared remote extender cable facilitates remote control from greater distances and through obstacles. Finally, we offer cables compatible with various mobile power sources like ElecHive, Ecoflow, Goal Zero, and BLUETTI, ensuring versatile power supply options for the Mark 2. These innovations showcase our commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

User Reviews: Voices of Our Community

Throughout our 8-year journey, we have received a wealth of feedback from our users. Whether it's a suggestion, a constructive comment, or a positive review, we value each one. Suggestions inspire us to invent more accessories to enhance user experience, constructive comments help us identify areas for improvement, and positive reviews motivate us to continue our mission in outdoor cooling.

Here are a few stories from our valued customers:

Tom Kolb, Semi-Truck Driver: "We just did a test run with a driver to Hammond, LA (from Missouri). The truck is a 2020 Cascadia without an APU. We don’t do many overnights (maybe 3 nights every 3 weeks). Don’t want to idle the truck for 10 hours so we thought we’d try the Mark 2; bought the dual battery system which kept the driver cool all night/10-hour break. Like the folks from Zero Breeze said, don’t use it to try and cool a hot truck down but keep a cool truck cool. The driver figured out you must exhaust hot air out through the window adapter. The driver was 100% satisfied and didn’t have to run/idle the truck; the cost of the Mark 2 A/C unit is much cheaper than a future purchase to replace the DD13 1-Box. Will be ordering more for drivers that run many more nights out in Oklahoma. We’ll probably wait for the new Mark 3’s. (PS - trucks are equipped with bunk heaters for winter operations). Thank you Zero Breeze!!!!"

Mark 2 for semi-truck

John Bacon, Van Camping Enthusiast: "I am pleased with the Zero Breeze and installed it in my 1984 Westfalia VW Van on the counter behind the driver's seat. I power mine currently with my Goal Zero 700 power module but may opt for the battery at a later date and charge the battery via my solar setup. It was a relief to have cool air in my van while camping on the Chama River in July."

Scoopdragger, Overlander: "I’m using this in my Jeep Rubicon, venting out the back seat side window, with the packing material with cutouts to hold it in place. Often I am out in the desert when it is around or over 100 degrees. After being outdoors, it is awesome to get into the car and fire it up. I don’t like to use the car A/C when parked, as I am concerned about brush under the vehicle getting hot and catching on fire. This has been a real lifesaver for me as I’m an individual who gets overheated easily. Thumbs up to the inventors of this device!"

(If you are reading this blog, contact our support team at support@zerobreeze.com, and we will send you an anniversary gift as a token of our appreciation for your sharing.)

8th Anniversary Celebration: Join the Fun and Win Exciting Prizes!

Let's celebrate ZERO BREEZE's 8th birthday together! We're thrilled to have spent eight amazing years with so many friends on the road. To mark this milestone, we have prepared numerous gifts, surprises, and discounts of up to 25% in our online store. Plus, there are on-hand trials at select dealer shops.

Join our Mark 2 community and share your setup. You'll receive a set of intake filters for trial (it's limited, so hurry!), any accessory under $50 (If the accessory you chose is out of stock, we will replace it), and a chance to win one of the top three prizes. More events will be revealed soon, so be sure to follow us and stay tuned!

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