Let's Celebrate ZERO BREEZE 7th Anniversary

Let's Celebrate ZERO BREEZE 7th Anniversary
Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, the ZERO BREEZE team has journeyed together for seven years. To celebrate this significant moment, we held our 7th-anniversary party on July 19th in Dallas, USA. This event wasn't just a gathering; it was a moment of coming together, uniting our team's strength, and bridging the gap between us and our users.
ZERO BREEZE tean, the founder Max, C.E.O Shawn, and engineer Steve, all attend the party to celebrate the progress of ZERO BREEZE together.
The party content included:
  • Enjoy delicious food and delightful music together
  • Lucky draw: the anticipation grew for the lucky draw, an opportunity for guests to take home exciting suprises
  • The announcement of the upcoming launch of the Mark 3 AC
There were 60-70 participants attending the event, celebrating the 7th anniversary of ZERO BREEZE together. WIth delicious food, lucky draws and the promise of the upcoming Mark 3 AC, ZERO BREEZE's seventh anniversary celebrates the brand's values: innovation, community and a relentless drive to deliver high-quality product.

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