ZERO BREEZE: Celebrating 7 Years of Outdoor Portable AC Innovation

ZERO BREEZE: Celebrating 7 Years of Outdoor Portable AC Innovation
ZERO BREEZE outdoor air conditioner was inspired by the founder’s longing for a cool camping environment during a camping trip in 2014, especially when he was sleeping in a tent at night; the sweltering weather made it difficult to fall asleep. So far, the idea of creating an outdoor air conditioner has emerged.
In 2016, ZERO BREEZE developed the first-generation portable air conditioner Mark1 and sold over 1000 units on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Since then, ZERO BREEZE has begun pursuing and enhancing outdoor camping products. However, later users were not satisfied with the performance of the first-generation product, mainly due to its inconsistent cooling effect and relatively small BTU (1100). In addition, the heat dissipation of Mark1 is adopted a single-pipe heat dissipation system. After usage for a while, the indoor cooling effect is unsatisfactory and will cause negative pressure.
After collecting users' feedback and the shortcomings of Mark 1, the ZERO BREEZE team dedicated three years to developing Mark 2, it underwent comprehensive improvements in both appearance and performance and met the practicality and cooling requirements of users for outdoor camping. We partnered with a top-tier compressor manufacturer in the industry to create the smallest compressor available in the market for outdoor air conditioners, measuring only the size of a soda can. We also increased the BTU capacity twofold, reaching 2300, perfectly for a two-person lived tent space. The appearance is upgraded to silver color, which is more durable. Moreover, the air outlet has been placed at the rear of the air conditioner. Users can customize their cooling setup by utilizing the ventilation duct. Such as, putting exhaust ventilation tubes outdoors can reduce negative pressure indoors and enhances the cooling effect.
To extend the usage time of Mark 2 AC and continue engaging in off-grid camping products, ZERO BREEZE introduced the high-performance ElecHive portable power station in 2020. ElecHive is the smallest mobile energy storage power supply on market with 2500Wh power and 2200W rated output power. It has 11 output ports, including AC and DC ports. It can meet your wide range of household or outdoor electrical appliances.
During the launch period of EleHive, our porduct research and production are influenced by the covid-19 virus. However, our team overcame the difficulties, fulfilled the promise and completed the project. The combination of Mark 2 AC and ElecHive, or used solely, has gained recognition and popularity among outdoor-living users worldwide. We sincerely thank the users who are willing to continue to trust us. The growth of ZERO BREEZE is inseparable from your support.
On the occasion of ZERO BREEZE's and sincerely invite you to participate.
ZERO BREEZE is committed to continuous innovation and will introduce more high-quality outdoor camping products in the future. We hope to comfort your outdoor living and seek to earn recognition from the market and our valued customers. We sincerely appreciate your continuous support and willingness to provide you with off-grid products that elevate the quality of your outdoor experiences.

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