The day we were on the driveline

The day we were on the driveline

They are Revolve NTNU(Norwegian University of Science and Technology). Revolve is a non-profit student organization based in Norway. They develop and build a world-class electric-autonomous race car and compete with more than 200 universities worldwide in formula student. They are currently ranked the 10th best team in the world, with a goal of reaching the top 3.

During the summer months, temperatures at the start of a race can be in the 90s with a heat index approaching 110. The whole car generates a lot of heat from the battery, brakes, and driveline. Drivers are also wearing jumpsuits made of fire-retardant materials. While those are critical to their safety, it's still a head-to-toe jumpsuit that does not make racers any cooler.

They were looking for a mobile battery-powered AC unit to cool down the battery pack of their car before the race. They said: "we wish to use the Mark 2 to cool down our battery pack before a race. Our battery pack is regularly air-cooled, so we would then hook up the Mark 2 to the inlets of the existing cooling system on the car. The goal would be to cool the battery pack down from ambient temperature (25 -30 degrees C) down to 15 - 20 degrees C. From what I could read on your website, Mark 2 should be able to do this."

They have contacted us and we have become a sponsor of their team and provided them with a ZERO BREEZE Mark 2. Mark 2 can certainly do what they ask. They can cool the battery and the AC at the starting grid before the race to keep the car in prime condition. The Mark 2 is also a battery-powered air conditioner, just like the race car. One or more batteries can cool a race car battery for up to 6-12 or even more hours. As well as being highly convenient, it is also environmentally safe.

Most recently, with us, they finished 5th overall out of 70 teams, and 1st and 2nd in the playoff in Germany. It was exciting news for them and for us. We are glad to hear of their remarkable results, and we are glad to have been a part of them.

The ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 has been used worldwide in a variety of fields including but not limited to racing, emergency tents, airplanes, travel, camping, pets, disasters, and more. We support teams like Revolve NTNU and we truly hope we can bring value to them and many more. We believe that further possibilities are constantly waiting to be discovered.

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