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Why Good Sleep is Essential for Overlanders

In the heart of the wilderness, a good night's sleep can make or break your adventure. Proper rest ensures you have the energy and focus needed to tackle challenging trails and enjoy every moment of your journey.
Even slight overheating can disrupt your sleep, degrade its quality, and reduce your recovery rate, impacting both your physical and mental performance the following day.

Learn more about the effects of sleep

Make Your Tent a Haven,
Not an Oven.

Stay Cool All Night with Just 1 kWh

At ZB, we enhance outdoor comfort with groundbreaking gear designed to overcome these challenges. Our latest innovation, the world’s first air conditioner built for the outdoors, operates off-grid.
It efficiently uses limited energy resources to cool your RTT, tent, or vehicle interior quickly, ensuring you rest well and wake up invigorated for another day of adventure.

Designed for the Outdoors

Effortless Portability

Mark 2 AC revolutionizes outdoor air conditioning with its manageable 16.5 lbs design, making it as easy to carry as your camping essentials. Compact yet effective.

Ready, Set, Cool!

Just place the Mark 2 AC next to your RTT or tent, route the ducts inside, and turn it on. Enjoy immediate cooling without any installations, electrical modifications, or power setups.

Precision Energy Efficiency

Designed for low power consumption, the Mark 2 AC operates on just 240W and delivers 2300 BTU of cooling power, optimized specifically for Overlanding needs. Its efficient energy use ensures continuous cooling even in environments with limited power supply.

Learn why 2300 BTU is the smartest choice for Overlanders

Charge with Just Your Cigarette Lighter:

Unlike traditional air conditioners that need heavy power sources or complex setups, Mark 2 Battery can be charged with a simple connection to your vehicle's cigarette lighter*.

Just 7 hours of charging while you drive is enough to power your AC through the night, making it ideal for energy-limited environments.

* 12v vehicle cigarette lighter adapter is available as an optional accessory.

Hear It from Our Users


"The Mark 2 has been a game-changer for our family camping trips. No more sweaty nights in our tent. It's easy to set up and cools down quickly!"




"I used the Mark 2 during a week-long overlanding trip in Moab. It made the nights bearable and the sleep restorative, even when the desert heat was overwhelming during the day."




"Absolutely love how portable the Mark 2 is. We take it everywhere with our RV. It's perfect for those hot summer days when you just need a break from the heat."




"Installing the Mark 2 in our rooftop tent was straightforward, and it drastically improved our comfort on hot nights. Highly recommend for anyone who hates sleeping in the heat!"




"We’ve been using ours in our patriot x3 camper trailer all summer. It’s really easy and it works! Our camper has a canvas pop up style tent so i was worried it wouldn’t hold the cold air in but it does. It gets so cold that we have to turn it down or off completely in the middle of the night. It’s expensive but very well worth it for the summer. “




“i bring as much comfort to my camping trips as i can so on my camping gear i have ZB mark 2 ,Coleman stove , Coleman Oven , portable toilet , on demand pump with 7 gal of water , etc etc ”




“ I like camping a lot and it is very nice to sleep well, in hot days a little of luxury is glorious, people just don't get it, I used to be a camper warrior, nowadays, depending on the forecast, i can take the Brezze or diesel heater without overthinking.



ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 Through an Overlander's Eyes

Dive into a comprehensive review by Dirt Lifestyle, where he breaks down the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2's features and evaluates its performance for outdoor enthusiasts.

Ready to Stay Cool?

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Designed for Adventure:
These pioneering features ensure that the Mark 2 is not just portable, but a highly efficient cooling solution tailored for outdoor enthusiasts. Experience comfort wherever adventure takes you, all in a package that’s easy to carry and set up.

Compact Power:
ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 features a custom-designed 24V micro inverter dual-cylinder compressor. Its compact size delivers robust cooling power perfect for the great outdoors without weighing you down.

Efficient Cooling:
Equipped with a specialized centrifugal fan, the Mark 2 efficiently manages airflow to maximize cooling efficiency and speed. This system is engineered to perform in outdoor environments, ensuring rapid heat expulsion and effective temperature regulation.

Outdoor Cooling Solutions Comparison

Solution Type Disadvantages Advantages of Mark 2 AC
Fans Cannot actually reduce temperature, ineffective in high humidity Provides real cooling effect, suitable for all environments
DIY Air Conditioners Maintenance-intensive, frequent ice replacement, unstable cooling Simple operation, no frequent maintenance, consistent cooling
Evaporative Coolers Ineffective in humid regions, limited actual cooling Effective cooling in all climate conditions
Traditional Portable AC Bulky, heavy, requires stable power source, not easily movable Lightweight, portable, independent of external power sources
Window AC Units Not suitable for moving, requires fixed installation, outdoor use demands additional power arrangements Simple setup, no car circuit alteration needed, can be powered by portable sources


Experience Real Comfort:
Mark 2 in Action

Watch how the Mark 2 AC transforms a heated insulated tent into a cool haven during the peak of summer.

Baum's test of the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 portable air conditioner in an insulated tent dramatically lowered temperatures from a high starting point during the day to a much more comfortable level, demonstrating its cooling efficacy in hot conditions.

  • 4:42 PM: Starting temperature was 93.2°F.
  • 6:03 PM: Temperature quickly dropped to 66°F.
  • 7:10 PM: Temperature continued to decrease to 54°F. 
  • 9:44 AM the next day: Temperature stabilized at 60°F.

Usage Recommendations:
While this test was conducted in an insulated tent, the Mark 2 AC is also suitable for various non-insulated tents and rooftop tents, especially effective during nighttime use to provide the necessary cooling.
Although the air conditioner was placed inside the tent for this test, it is recommended to externalize the unit when using RTTs or other outdoor tents to save space and simplify the drainage process.

Versatile Cooling on the Go

Wherever your adventures take you, the Mark 2 AC is your essential companion for cooling. Whether you're upgrading your vehicle, taking a break from sports, or lounging under a beach umbrella, the Mark 2 AC delivers refreshing, crisp air to enhance your outdoor experiences.
It ensures a comfortable sleep at night and provides soothing relief during the day, keeping you cool and comfortable in any outdoor setting.

Adventurers' Choice


Overlanding Cooling

Conquer the wild, not the Heat | Up to 8H in sleep mode

$1373.93 $1831.9

1 X Mark 2 AC
1 X Mark 2 Battery
1 X Front Air Inlet Duct Adapter for Mark 2
1 X Infrared Remote Extender Cable for Mark 2 AC
1 X Free 12V to 24V Inverter

$1373.93  $1831.9

Pay as low as $324/mo. Klarna.

Practical Accessories

12V to 24V Converter

It can be connected to a car's cigarette lighter or any other 12V power source to charge the battery.  when connected to a power source providing at least 300W of output, it can also directly power the Mark 2 AC.

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Air Inlet Duct adapter

Designed to extend the functionality and flexibility of your Mark 2 AC, this accessory allows you to place the AC unit outside your tent, RV, or camper, optimizing space and minimizing noise while maintaining high-efficiency cooling.

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Solar charging

The Mark 2 battery supports MPPT solar charging, enabling you to effortlessly charge it outdoors using just a solar panel. Harness the power of the sun to keep your Mark 2 battery topped up wherever your adventures take you!

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