DIY Cord with GX16-4 Connector for Mark 2

DIY Cord with GX16-4 Connector for Mark 2

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1. This product is only for Zero Breeze Air Conditioner MARK 2 and MARK 2 battery. It can't be used for Zero Breeze Air Conditioner MARK 1 and MARK 1 battery.

2. Before connecting to MARK 2 or MARK 2 battery, make sure the input voltage is 24V. And If your power source can't provide as much as 10A current (240W), then it can only use for charging the MARK 2 battery.

3. Accessories of Mark 2 do not support the 30-day return policy.

Customer Reviews

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Simple yet effective.

I have 150ah lifepo 12v setup in my Jeep. I purchased a 12 to 24v step up transformer and connected it to this pigtail. I plug this in to recharge my battery, or run the unit if my battery is out of juice and I still need air.

Bernardo Gallo
Good quality item, price can be better

Good quality item, price can be better

Paul Piaia
all night AC from batteries

I have a Metris van and installed the Mark 2 inside the van but use the roof vent as a external port for the air exchange. I have 250 amp hour lithium that is hooked to the alternator with a 12/12 30 amp limiter (Vitron). Cool air all night from the batteries. Metris also has 16 gallons of electrically heated thermostatically controlled H2O, shower, commode, refrigerator, microwave, 2K pure sine inverter, hot and cold H2O on demand, $600 foam mattress, charger for Mac Pro, sink, LED ceiling disable lights, total iso insulation behind Cali Vynil. Nothing like it on nice to have the alternator charging the batteries on my daily driver and keeping them at 13.3 volts all the time. Have had solar on another RV since 2004; never again. The industry will figure it out one of these days that the gas or hybrid's alternator is man's best friend next to his dog "Goldie".

Hi Paul, thanks for your review. Glad that the Mark 2 AC could bring coolness to your Metris van life. :)

moises orozco

All works like it should.

DIY Cord

Excellent quality. Fast shipping. Great communications.