Zero Breeze Mark 2

RV Portable Air Conditioner

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240w  24v  DC 



Designed For Outdoor / RV Life 

Improved Design Inside & Out 

The newly developed miniature 24V DC compressor + New miniature dual hose cooling system, the compact and efficient air supply system, packed in a space smaller than a portable travel bag.

110%  BTU increase  compared to Mark 1

2300 BTU

Maximum power consumption


1 Min Assembly

No installation or adjust the RV circuit

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1 Min Assembly

No installation or adjust the RV circuit

Easily Placed


The Mark 2 air conditioner is only 16.5lb, and with its compact and portable design, it can be easily placed even on the car's armrest case, giving you more ease and freedom in the tight RV/Van space


AC unit  alone weighs 16.5lb, plus battery, 28.5lb

Experience more

Inside or outside the RV

With Mark 2 's independent cooling system, convenient portable design, allows you not limited to using only inside RV/Van, can be used under trees, on the beach or at a cookout ..... Any time, any where  

Cold Air extension pipe,  closer target cooling

Dual hose heat dissipation system, space cooling efficiency increased by 50%, fast heat dissipation link, quick and easy assembly and disassembly

Outside  RV

Keeps pet cool outside

Cools the RV bedroom at night

Tent cooling



The Zero Breeze Mark 2 is designed for mobility and not fixed installation, allowing close proximity to cooling targets, allowing cooling to be done quickly and efficiently while maintaining low power consumption, rather than cooling the entire space at all times like traditional air conditioners.

Ten minutes The air outlet temperature drops by 30F

Different environmental temperature and humidity, the results are slightly different

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Low power consumption, longer usage 

Zero Breeze Mark 2 is designed not only for portability, size and weight, but also for power consumption. When you are outdoors with limited power, less power consumption means the unit lasts longer. The Mark 2 requires only 240W power. With the same battery power supply,  Mark 2 lasts five times longer than traditional ceiling based air conditioners. Low power consumption compared to the traditional ceiling air conditioner with a usage rate of 1250W per

Low power


AC typeStarting powerRated power
2300 Btu Mark 2 150w240w
7000 Btu window AC
13000 Btu Roof AC2750w1250w
15000 Btu Roof AC3500w1500w

With At least 4* 100W of solar panels

Continuous running

 MARK 2 air conditioner has only 240W power consumption, and uses at least 4 100W solar panels. With the addition of the car's own battery, ElecHive or two MARK 2 batteries,you can realize the uninterrupted outdoor air conditioning operation and completely get rid of the power limitation

No generator required

No Camp Power

No need to increase the RV power supply

The actual effect will be affected by sunlight, and this calculation is based on the average 60% efficiency of 100W solar panels

One Mark2 battery runs 

3-5 hrs

Mark 2  battery, built-in lithium ion, 840Wh capacity, can be fully integrated with the Mark 2 ac unit, and supports In car charging, solar charging

In car charging

Solar charging

Hand-held design

The Mark 2 battery does not include  the car charger, and the solar charging panel, which must be purchased separately.
The Mark2 Basic option does not include this battery

One ElecHive battery runs

8-14 hrs

2400Wh lithium ion cell, support Mark 2 with direct connect, no voltage conversion required 

Elechive is a pre-sale product for the Zero Breeze and is expected to officially sell in July ,2021

Overall most suitable 

Zero Breeze Mark 2
RV Portable Air Conditioner

Zero Breeze Mark 2
RV Portable Air Conditioner

The balance of all your needs

Mark 2 RV Portable Air Conditioner, with its Portable design, will bring Air Conditioner closer to its goal and reduce waste,
Its small power Air Conditioner system will also meet the need of outdoor cooling:
The overall cooling of sleeping in small Spaces at night,
Single target cooling in large Spaces or open areas during the day 
Low power consumption, further reduce the outdoor demand for electricity, to achieve longer cooling needs outdoors

Roof RV air conditioning

good cooling effect , but not continuous 

Pros :

  • Good cooling effect 13,000 BTU
  • You can cool the entire space
  • Easy to use after installation


  • Power consumption of 1250W, high demand for power supply
  • It requires a generator or in a campsite where electricity is available
  • Can't really use off-grid
  • Blocking natural light

Refrigerator cooling

Bulky and not sustainable

Refrigerator cooling, the need for ice, transportation for  bulky size , refrigeration will also produce greater humidity,you will feel  uncomfortable

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from $86/month* 


$949 USD

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The Zero Breeze ac

24v Power Adapter


heat exhaust system

drainage tube

remote control


from $87/month* 


$1399 USD

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The Zero Breeze ac

24v Power Adapter

1  battery

heat exhaust system

drainage tube

remote control


from $111/month* 


$1799 USD

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The Zero Breeze ac

24v Power Adapter

2 battery

heat exhaust system

drainage tube

remote control

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*In a specific laboratory simulation environment, reflect the approximate performance of Zero Breeze Mark 2.

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  • 空调仅重16.5l
  • 旅行包一样便携
  • 20"L x 10"W x 11"H
  • 可放置在汽车扶手箱上*


直流 低功耗



24v DC


  • 24v DC工作电压 
  • 附赠AC适配器 (支持100-240V )
  • 选配12v-24dc转换器,兼容多数户外电池

*Working in a 96F laboratory can roughly reflect the performance of the Zero Breeze Mark 2


240W 低功耗


  • 840w Mark 2电池工作 3-5小时
  • 3500w 电池 工作14-18小时

*Working in a 96F laboratory can roughly reflect the performance of the Zero Breeze Mark 2