Best Choice Air Conditioner for Campervan

Best Choice Air Conditioner for Campervan

Class B

Since the temperatures are rising, people are looking forward to enjoying the nice weather and going out. Class B motor home are popular because of their small size. They can easily go from camping to big-city adventures. However, getting a night of good sleep can be challenging when the temperature outside starts to increase. Air conditioning is a good way to stay cool, choosing the right AC will make the trip so much more pleasant. Some of the vans are already equipped with air conditioners, but not everyone has that option. What is the best option for keeping the B van cool?
AC for Class B campervan

Rooftop AC

Often rooftop air conditioners are the option that most people think of. It cools down a large area in the van, but it requires a large amount of electricity that you have to hook up in the campground. You can use a generator, but it's noisy and might also need a lot of gas to keep it running. When the campground is not your thing, and you are more likely to explore certain remote places, you need to be prepared. It will require professional permanent installation, take up valuable rooftop real estate, and add extra clearance height to the van.

Swamp cooler

Many people choose low-tech swamp coolers for their cheaper prices. It saves a lot of energy. However, the ice that it uses increases humidity in the van, and the ice cubes are consumed so quickly that you can't keep them up all the time, especially when you live in an area under water restrictions. Moreover, it will be hard to cool your van when it gets above 95 degrees.
Swamp cooler

Mark 2

The fast cooling air conditioner is ideal for adventure trips. Mark 2 is designed to be small and portable, so it is perfect for zone cooling. It comes with its own battery that you can charge with 12v car charging or with a solar panel. That means you don't need to worry about power usage so that it provides more opportunities for use in Class B. When you are not in your motor home, you can also take it with you to the office, golf course, or anywhere you desire.
fast cooling air conditioner


  • Mousica

    @Cindy Hi Cindy, the Mark 2 AC is available in the UK. Please kindly check the link.

  • Cindy

    When will it available in the UK?

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