Camping Air Conditioner: the Pros and Cons

Blog posts Camping Air Conditioner: the Pros and Cons

ZERO BREEZE started from the ground up around 2016. The company has experienced what will work and what will not work in their air conditioning journey. Their first generation portable camping air conditioner is the product of that journey. It is the best priced portable air conditioner in its class.

Campers after a long, strenuous day of mountain climbing under the hot torrid sun will want to come to the campsite and relax in a cool tent. A camper needs to sleep comfortable and restore his energy after engaging in such a grueling physical activity. The key for this restful sleep is to have a portable air conditioner that can keep the tent cool for a reasonable amount of time. ZERO BREEZE’s portable air conditioner will fit the bill. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the portable air conditioner.


The air conditioner comes with multiple features that you will not find in other portable air conditioners in the same weight class. This air conditioner will serve as a Bluetooth speaker that will be fun to use on the beach. If your phone battery runs low you can recharge it on one of the two USB ports located on the air conditioner. Who would ever think of putting USB ports on an air conditioner?

The air conditioner also boasts some other practical features that you will not find on your typical portable camping air conditioner. The ZERO BREEZE air conditioner has a built in light to assist you or your children if they are walking along a dark path in the late hours of the night. It can also act as a safety beacon if a camper is lost in the high country with its red light option.

The model also comes with multiple speed controls so you can control how much cool air is circulating in your tent. A huge benefit of this air conditioner is the life of the battery which will cool down your tent for five full hours. This will be more than enough time to keep the tent cool all night long. If this does not meet your cooling needs then the air conditioner can be replaced with a fully charged interchangeable battery. Simply, slip the battery into the unit and it is good to cool your tent for 5 more hours.

The positive features don’t stop there because the air conditioner comes with a dehumidifier built right into the unit. This is huge because not every camping air conditioner has this feature. The dehumidifier will remove the humidity out of the air circulating in the tent. This will help you to sleep cool and comfortable all night long. It also has a drain feature so the excess water will drain from the unit.


Like any camping air conditioner the unit has areas that need to be improved. The dehumidifier will leave a puddle of water on the tent floor because the ventilation option is placed awkwardly on the unit. If you place the ventilation option outside the tent then the water can drip on the ground. Also, the compressor will spit warm air into the tent heating it up a bit. So, you will have to place the a/c in a position in the tent so that the compressor will spew warm outside.

Conclusion: The ZERO BREEZE camping air conditioner has many pros and there are a couple of cons associated with the unit as well. But the pros far outweigh the cons and the unit is a great value for your money.

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