How to choose a portable air conditioner?

How to choose a portable air conditioner?

Compared with common split-type air conditioners, mobile air conditioners have many outstanding advantages. For example, they are simple to install, do not need to pierce through walls, do not need to consider the installation location, and they can also be moved anywhere to use.  We will not introduce about the advantages of portable air conditioners. This article will mainly tell you some of its disadvantages, points you must know before buying.

From the appearance, there are many similarities between portable air conditioners and air conditioning fan, but they actually work completely differently.

 The air conditioning fan uses the principle that water needs to absorb heat when it is volatilized. The circulating water pump inside can draw ice water from the water tank onto the ice curtain, and then the hot air passes through the ice curtain to form cold air to blow out, thereby achieving the purpose of cooling.

 The working principle of real portable air conditioners is basically the same as that of traditional air conditioners, except that the compressor, evaporator, condenser and other original parts are concentrated together.

 Loud noise

 Mobile air conditioner is equivalent to assembling the indoor unit and turbine of the air conditioner. Although the noise is not as exaggerated as getting on and off the machine, the noise generated by the internal components including the compressor can be clearly perceived during the work process.

 This is the case, because many mobile air conditioners use fixed-frequency compressors. The compressor will generate relatively obvious noise during the process of turning it on and off. If it is placed in the bedroom, it will feel noisy when sleeping at night.

 Regarding noise, it should also be noted that, because the condenser generates heat during the cooling process, mobile air conditioners need to be discharged through alternate exhaust pipes.

 Limited effect

 Although there is no obvious difference in the working principle, there are indeed differences between the cooling effect of mobile air conditioners and traditional air conditioners.

 First, the position of the cold air blown by the mobile air conditioner is relatively low, while the cold air blown by the traditional wall-mounted air conditioner is located at the top of the room. Because the molecular density of the cold air is larger, the cold air is heavier than the hot air, so the cold air drops downward.  For the overall cooling effect of the room will be weaker, according to the more suitable for local cooling.

 In addition, you may know that the unidirectional flow of wall-mounted fresh air will use the principle of micro positive pressure to purify indoor air (fill the outside air into the room, the amount of incoming air is greater than the amount of outgoing air, so that the indoor air pressure is higher than the surface area, forming a slight positive pressure.  The air in the room flows upward through the gaps in the doors and windows under the effect of air pressure, and the dirty air outside is difficult to come in).

 While the mobile air conditioner sends hot air to the interior through the exhaust pipe, the hot air from the outside also enters the room through the gap between the windows and doors, although it also has a certain indoor and outdoor air exchange effect, which also affects the overall cooling of the mobile air conditioner.  effect.  Some mobile air conditioners use a double tube design, and the cooling effect will be better.

 Need to consider about drainage

 In the process of using mobile air conditioners, drainage needs to be taken into account. The condensed water needs to be drained through the interface at the bottom. However, some of them have adopted a drainage-free design. The condensed water is pumped to the condenser through the built-in hydration motor.  Evaporation disappears, so there is no need to dump the water tank too much, but it should be noted that under high temperature and high humidity conditions, drainage pipes are still required to drain water.

Not real portable

Traditional air conditioners are designed for fixed spaces, they are static, large and very heavy. Even for home mobile portable air conditioners, they have to move horizontally in the room instead of being carried everywhere.

Why ZERO BREEZE? What Revolution ZERO BREEZE have done?

1. Battery powered portable air conditioner, Make it real portable

ZERO BREEZE spent four years’ constantly researching and developing to minimizing volumetric weight and improving the experience of use. We are very proud that we have finally completed a really small and portable air conditioner.

Most essentially, they will need a household AC 110-240V, which is beyond practical outdoors. So that’s why ZERO BREEZE address these issues to make a Battery powered air conditioner truly PORTABLE.

2. Small but powerful

ZERO BREEZE Mark II's built-in 24v inverter compressor, which is about the same size as cola cans, less than a quarter of the size and weight of traditional compressors. The small compressor is the key to making the ZERO BREEZE Mark II small and portable.

3. Practical system design

The outstanding performance of the Mark 2 requires a powerful air duct system.

Small size, large air volume, and high wind pressure are the three mutual constraints in air duct design, it is difficult to take all of them into account. To achieve this, ZERO BREEZE developed a unique air duct system which allows reducing the size to a very small size while satisfying large air volumes.

Mark 2's innovatively designed parallel dual-pipe cooling system, built-in powerful 24v variable frequency centrifugal fan, can drive 120CFM (200 cubic meters/hour) air heat exchange in such a small space, even under the load of 2 meters long extension pipe. On the other side, the innovative compact forward centrifugal fan draws air through the evaporator, blowing the cooled air directly in front of you. 

4. Thoughtful and beautiful appearance

Convenience needs to be designed with every detail in mind. It's not enough to only change the size and weight, you have to think about how people actually use it. From the handle, the battery buckle, to the exhaust pipe interface, all the components that interact with you need to work smoothly and intuitively. Therefore, you can enjoy life more freely and happily than ever before.

From the very beginning, ZERO BREEZE clearly defined that the small size, lightweight, low power consumption, DC compressor, battery powered and low noise are the preferred goals of Mark 2. To achieve this goal, we worked hard with professional refrigeration engineers, compressor R&D experts, top manufacturers. Finally ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 was successfully made and launched. Do you think it will rock the portable air conditioner market?

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