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How do I make my camping tent more comfortable?
According to Statista, over 40 million Americans go camping every year. And their favorite season is summer. If you don't want to sweat in your tent during those sultry afternoons and nights, you really need to check the best tent air conditioner for camping.
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We make a portable AC for tent!
Best camping tent air conditioner: ZERO BREEZE Mark 2  ZeroBreeze Mark 2 is an air conditioner specially designed for camping tents.  Zerobreeze’s 24v compressor system is a real air conditioner, not a fan or a cooler by ice or water....
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Big Chill
ZERO BREEZE actually works as advertised,Fire it up with the easy-to-understand buttons that control the handful of settings (mainly the fan power) and the unit begins spitting out cold air. The output temperature typically stays in the 50F,
The situation is much better when you’re in a smaller, sealed space (like a tent) with the exhaust directed outside. Here the ZB2 provides quicker and more sustained results, with the more generalized temperature control you get from a home window unit. In a small tent, the output air temperature can quickly drop into the 40s, to the point where it actually gets legitimately cold ...
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