We make a portable AC for tent!

We make a portable AC for tent!

Best camping tent air conditioner: ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 

ZeroBreeze Mark 2 is an air conditioner specially designed for camping tents.

 Zerobreeze’s 24v compressor system is a real air conditioner, not a fan or a cooler by ice or water. It comes with appropriate structure, weight and volume can be lifted with one hand

One-piece battery system, one jack, no complicated and cumbersome operation.Single-sided compact dual-tube system, more convenient for tent placement, and real efficient cooling capacity. 

 At the beginning of the establishment of ZERO BREEZE, it was lamented that "technology is so powerful today, but outdoor life has not changed much as it was 100 years ago. In a tent in the summer night, it feels like a sauna."

People has tried a lot. They tried to move the bulky home air conditioner to the camp, and we were confused about the power supply problem:

Long power cord: The long-distance towing line not only restricts the location of the camp, but also brings a lot of inconvenience and hazzard. 

Fuel generator: The generator makes the whole night noisy and smelly, and unable to use the camp at night

Giant outdoor battery: Because the power capacity for home air conditioners usually require to be above 800w, so the outdoor electric battery that supports the output of the inverter of 1000w can be used. However, The battery weighs more than 25kg and only can run for 2-3 hours, which is not a convenient and practical choice to use.  

ZERO BREEZE is an innovation based on all those points, and mean to solve these problems once for all and bring camping life the comfortable it should long has. 

 First of all, we have to make sure that only a real air conditioner can improve the ambient temperature. Cooling through the compressor is the most efficient and useful way at the moment, and it is also the method used by all air conditioners.

 Familiar with the physical "energy conservation", we know that the cooling we are talking about is not a means to make the energy of the original high temperature disappear, but the energy transferred from the original high temperature in this area.  There are more energy blocks, and there are fewer energy blocks in low temperature areas. If we want to cool down, we need to move these energy blocks to other areas.

Although water evaporation and ice cube fusion can also transport these energy blocks, their heat capacity ratio is too low, which can be understood as that they are transported too little each time. The way they evaporate and dissolve represents the speed of their movement when they move, which is very slow  ,

That's why, when there is a glass of water and an ice cube near us, we can't feel the temperature change, we can only feel it when we touch water or ice cubes, or under a waterfall or a huge ice cube.   

 Air conditioner compressors use professional refrigerants. The heat capacity ratio is very high. Each time the energy block is transported more, under the support of machinery, the transfer speed is fast. This is also the reason why current compressor air conditioners are currently highly efficient.

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is also a solution that uses compressor air conditioning, rather than relying on simple water evaporation or ice buckets to cool down the ambient. It is not only ineffective, but also have many inconveniences.

Coke Can sized Compressor for outdoor

 The compressor of the traditional home air conditioner is designed for a fixed environment in the home. It has high power, large body, and is very heavy. It is too bulky for outdoor use, and also requires huge power supply which is not practical for outdoor use.

ZERO BREEZE compressor specially developed for outdoor scenes, the volume is 75% smaller than the traditional small portable air-conditioning compressor, 84% less weight, and the power consumption is only 240w, compared to the traditional power consumption of 800w, ZERO BREEZE can work  much Longer.

 We find a balance between outdoor needs and air conditioners and batteries. The traditional smallest air conditioner is at 5000BTU, which is cumbersome and inconvenient, and power supply is a very troublesome problem, while we do 2300BTU, we are only 1/3 of the volume and weight, 24v  And small power consumption brings the possibility of more applications for outdoors. 

 Is 2300BTU feasible?

 As long as the correct way of use, 2300BTU is more than enough, our outdoor space is relatively compact, considering the portability and practicality, we can not only pursue a single power without considering the balance between cooling capacity and the space.

 what is more important is that, The traditional air conditioner is fixed in one position, and it is not the optimal position between the person who needs to cool down and the air conditioner, and the goal of the traditional air conditioner is to fill the entire space. 

 The ZERO BREEZE portable air conditioner, convenient mobility, can be placed anywhere like a fan, following close to the target that needs to be cooled, so ZERO BREEZE portable air conditioner will be a more efficient way to achieve the cooling goal in tent.

 How to use air conditioner in tent more effectively?

 As mentioned earlier, high temperature is like an energy block. When we transfer energy blocks in tents or other target spaces, we must avoid the intrusion of energy blocks in the external space. Like under the sunlight, huge energy blocks will be released.  When we use the air conditioner to move out the energy block in the tent, the external energy block invades. Therefore, we should avoid direct sunlight and pay attention to heat preservation. Put the tent under the shade of the tree or in a shaded place, and at the same time cover the tent with a damp pad or other insulation blanket to make Space cooling more effective.

 If we do not do any shading and heat preservation, it is hard to thrill if the air conditioner is effective, just like trying to open the window and turn on the air conditioner in summer. 

 Designed for outdoor

 ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 outdoor camping portable air conditioner, not only portable in size and weight, we also optimize the outdoor design for the entire design, like a travel bag, a easy to go handle, let freedom of movement without interference, one-handed design can be used to move everything you want to.

 More convenient battery system

 The design that perfectly matches the Mark 2 air conditioner can be quickly combined into one, and even the Mark 2 at work can be combined into one and lifted to walk.  The battery itself is also very thin and light, and the characteristic handle is as clear and convenient as the Mark 2 air conditioner

 The working voltage is exactly the same as Mark 2, which not only reduces the loss of power supply during conversion, but also has no extra modules. The 840w Mark 2 battery is only 5.5kg, while the traditional outdoor battery around 1000w is up to 25kg.

 For the power connection of the battery and the air conditioner, we design the charging and output only one interface, the connection between the adapter, the air conditioner, and the battery becomes very simple, you will not worry about connection errors, and there will be no complicated circuit troubles. 

 Quick and easy connection

ZERO BREEZE is a compact single-sided double-tube system with innovative design like a rocket hood. It is more convenient to divide the space inside and outside the tent, and it can be assembled and disassembled with one click.

 The front end can be equipped with a cold air extension tube, which allows Mark 2 to be placed more freely and to guide cold air to where it is needed.

  ZERO BREEZE's thinking for outdoor applications is not just our pursuit of a balance of hardware, volume, weight and design. Inside Mark 2, the anti-dumping system, compressor operation protection system, current protection system, etc. that are specifically considered for outdoor use. Everything we design and developed is mean to make outdoor use more reliable and easy to use.

6 years focus on the research and development of outdoor portable air conditioners

ZERO BREEZE started to develop camping air conditioners in 2014. We are proud to be The world's first outdoor camping air conditioner manufacturer that is truly mass-produced and listed. The ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is a combination of thoughts and feedbacks from more than 3,000 Kickstarter, INDIEGOGO backers  and outdoor portable air conditioning enthusiasts around the world. A portable Ac really designed for outdoor air conditioning, can be practicely used in outdoor spaces such as outdoor camping, tents, Rv, trucks and so on.

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