ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 the Best Tent Air Conditioner Ever Made

Zero Breeze Mark 2 the Best Tent Air Conditioner Ever Made

The Dream of ZERO BREEZE

We found ZERO BREEZE on the concept that sleeping in a tent on a warm summer night should be a cool and refreshing experience instead of an uncomfortable one. Tents do not circulate air very well and they can heat up as the long, hot summer night swelters on. Campers cannot sleep because they are dripping in sweat and there is no fresh, cool air circulating through the tent. We considered this century-old problem and came up with the innovative ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 air-conditioner the only one of its kind. We are pioneers in tent air conditioning.  It is the only one of its kind designed in the world. Yes, it is truly a game changer for the camping world. The air conditioner will be used in ways that have not yet been discovered.

The Pioneer Design

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is a revolutionary air conditioner designed to be used in camping tents, RVs, and in other outdoor portable spaces. It is the first of its kind to be designed and to be produced on a mass scale. It features a compression system and is so lightweight it can easily be carried around the campsite. It is especially convenient to be placed in a camping tent because it has single-sided dual tube system which has an effective cooling capacity.

It also comes with one jack and battery and it is easy to set-up, so it will cool down the tent in no time. You will wonder how you could have gone camping without owning this compact ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 air conditioner.

The Philosophy behind the Mark 2

We put a lot of thought into making the camping dream easier for campers the world over. We realized that a standard air conditioner would require a long cord to plug in and drag into the tent. This would cause a great inconvenience for the campers besides the hazards that go along with plugging a long cord a mile away from the campsite.

Our air conditioner replaces the traditional generator that is smelly, and it fills the campsite with obnoxious gas that makes the campsite uninhabitable. Traditional air conditioners require bigger than life sized batteries with the 1000 watt power output to keep them running. The battery is too heavy to carry into the campsite and takes up half the campsite when it is set up. Batteries are far too inconvenient to use in a camping tent.

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is an innovative alternative to these cumbersome traditional options. We have solved all these problems with one simple design. All your cooling needs are met in this ingenious design.

Conclusion: We are truly a visionary company that saw the many complications of cooling a tent using conventional methods. We are on the cutting edge of tent cooling technology and we have set the curve for tent air conditioning design. Buying our ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 will be the best decision a camper will ever make.


  • Fred

    Well folks, I received mine yesterday and obviously put it to the test right away. Over all I am very pleased with the product. I got a little over 20F of cooling delta which is huge for tent camping. Going from a 90F+ hot humid weather in East Texas down to a cool 70F for sleeping is a game changer. We will now be able to tent camp all year long. It draws about 180W which makes it quite manageable with a solar generator. Great job.

  • Denning Vaughnve

    Very interested in seeng one work .

  • Traci Hostetler

    Love it

  • Arturo

    I am in Spain, how can I buy it, … do you send it to Europe?

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