Condensation Water

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 drainage
Condensation Water
Like any other AC, the Mark 2 produces water as part of the cooling process.

When hot air travels across the cold condense coil inside the unit, it causes condensation(moisture in the air) to form on the coil. The condensation drips off the coil when it accumulates to a certain amount, which is why you see water coming out of the unit.

T I P S:
Tilt the unit slightly to completely drain the water out of the backside.
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    @Steve It’s hard say.

  • Steve

    Can we safely drink the water produced through the Zero Breeze condensation process?


    Hi Andrew, please make sure that the Mark 2 unit and battery are connected by the cable. Please contact our customer service representative if you need more help.

  • Andrew

    Hi. I have charged the battery (on my second-hand purchase) but the unit doesn’t power up; it won’t turn on. No lights, nothing. What might be the problem?

  • Paul

    Hi guys, my unit seems to be producing little to no condensation. Could this new signalling something wrong/not optional with the unit? It does produce cool air, not too much maybe, but I wouldn’t know what to compare it to as it’s the only unit I’ve seen in operation.

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