Be powerful and cool at Overland Expo Mountain West 2022

Be powerful and cool at Overland Expo Mountain West 2022

ZERO BREEZE at Overland Expo

To catch the end of summer, we finally made it to Overland Expo Mountain West at Ranch in Loveland this August. Overland Expo is the world's premier overlanding event series. The event is a professional-level trade show with the world's leading experts. It brings together all the camping, vehicle, and motorcycle equipment and services you need. As a sponsor of this wonderful event, we will hold our exhibit in booth C15, which is very easy to locate. Come and meet us at the Ranch.

Share the coolness with Mark 2

I guess you are all familiar with our ZERO BREEZE Mark 2. It is the world's first and smallest portable air conditioner. It is widely used in campervans, trailers, RTTs, trucks, boats, airplanes, pet care, and so on. Especially at night, it is perfect for small space cooling and personal spot cooling. Adding comfort to every trip, every night's sleep, and everywhere you go is our goal. Know more details when you come to our booth. If you already have one, come and say hello to us and share your experience with us!

Power your outdoor life with ElecHive

Excitingly, we will introduce our fresh new portable power station - ElecHive 2200 to you all. Some of you haven't seen or used ElecHive yet. It is a small portable power station with big power in it. With a capacity of 2500WH, ElecHive is not much bigger than a basketball, but there are so many more possibilities within this small body. Mark 2 owners should be very interested in it because it can directly charge Mark 2 with one single cable, and it will add up the Mark 2 cooling time to 10-20 hours. Remembering in another article about "Charging your Mark 2 with solar panels" that you need a power station to store your solar panels' energy. ElecHive has 1250W MPPT, works great, and is reliable for any solar panel. In addition, it has a 2200W output that also supports DC and AC port charging. Want to know more about it? Come and check it out at the Overland Expo!

Power Mark 2 AC through ElecHive

ZERO BREEZE is here!

August is still very hot. Stop by our booth! Get real hands-on experience with ElecHive while Mark 2 is blowing cool wind directly on you. Try it out, and find the best out of it!

Overland Expo MTN West

Booth: C15


AUGUST 26-28, 2022 // FRI 8-5 | SAT 8-5 | SUN 8-3

If you've read this far, you know you have a chance to win one of five tickets to this event. It will be valid for 2 complimentary Day passes (any one day of the event) to the Overland Expo MTN WEST. Parking is free at this event. We will randomly pick 5 lucky ones from the common blow, so leave a common and let us know how badly you want to meet us at the event!


  • Shawn Ganske

    I really need this for my van I live in Missouri and the heat and humidity are terrible. Going to be passing through Denver this weekend and want to check this out !

  • Shawn Gansks

    Traveling from St Louis MO and really need to check these out for our van. It’s hot and humid in the Midwest

  • Steve

    I am planning on building an overlanding vehicle and this would be a great addition! Would love to check out all the gear!

  • Tyson Holman

    Never knew this existed! How awesome! I would like to go!

  • Julie

    This is so perfect!! 👏 I’ll have to look into it!

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