Smart Living, Cooler Spaces: A Review of User Experience with Mark 2 AC

Smart Living, Cooler Spaces: A Review of User Experience with Mark 2 AC
The comprehensive user cases are used to help users who have already purchased or have not yet purchased our product to understand more about the various scenarios in which the Mark 2 AC can be applied. Hopes to inspire how to effectively utilize the Mark 2 AC to achieve better cooling effects.
Before we share the user cases, let me introduce the working principle of ZERO BREEZE Mark2: the dual-pipe system at the rear of the air conditioner.

Introduction to the Basic Principle of the Mark 2 AC Dual-pipe System

The basic operating principle of the portable air conditioner, ZERO BREEZE Mark2, involves a dual hose system located at the rear of the unit. This system enhances cooling efficiency and improves indoor air circulation.
The dual hose system consists of two hoses. One hose draws in outdoor air and directs it towards the condenser. The other hose expels hot air to the outside after it passes through the heated condenser. This setup ensures that the air conditioner efficiently exchanges heat with the outdoor environment.
The main cooling function of the ZERO BREEZE Mark2 is located at the front of the unit. Here, the hot air present in the space is sucked into the evaporator. The evaporator cools the air, and the cooled air is blown out into the room. This combination of the dual hose system and the front cooling mechanism allows the ZERO BREEZE Mark2 to achieve better cooling performance and efficiency.
Thus, the portable air conditioner operates by using a dual hose system to draw in outdoor air, expel hot air, and improve indoor air circulation. The front of the unit houses the cooling function, where hot air is cooled by the evaporator and released back into the room. By utilizing these mechanisms, the ZERO BREEZE Mark2 enhances its cooling efficiency and provides an effective cooling effect.
After learning the two-pipe system of the Mark 2 AC, let's review how our users use it to achieve better cooling effects.

Car Window Modification Case

1. From @Rich Allen

My solution for not wanting to cut holes in my pan.

Works very well and five minute set up time.
  • 1/8 inch plywood cut to fit window
  • Wrapped in insulation.
  • Two 1x3 for holding in place
I installed the unit under a bench side with the output going into a register cut into the front of the bench I’ll post more photos in a bit.
The unit exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be more please I have two batteries, but I must also plugged into my solar.

2. From June Girardi

Here is my final testing inside my SH Forester with the ZEROBREEZE Mark 2 Portable AC unit! (Tent is up next!) So blocking off the front and moving the unit to the front REALLY made a HUGE difference!!
I made the foam insert for the front window (rather than using the back window) and used foam tiles from Harbor freight for $7 on sale! I put the screen over the intake and turned the exhaust away.
The AC unit fit Perfectly between the front seats (I forgot to attach the battery) and had the battery on the front seat (would of messed up the tubes connecting it trying to connect) I was able to tilt the unit to help drain the condensation into the drain tube running down into a empty bottle again.
The inside temp was around 82F inside when I finally got in. After a few hours on rocket mode, I was at 66F inside the back of the car with the unit blowing out cold, dry air at 51F!! It felt so good there!! (Only one battery on battery gone too)
I ended up going with my initial idea of putting up a "block" for the front of the car. I had a thick picnic blanket I ended up hanging to block off the front of the car and hung that with large binder clips.
By blocking off the front of the car the exhaust from the tubes were contained and the cold air stayed in the back of the car!! Big difference! I will be testing the unit in a 4 person tent next!!
In conclusion, inside of the SH Forester for car camping:
I think the unit is great if you wanted to "splurge" and really wanted to be comfortable. The unit did a great job cooling down the back of the car during the day in mid 80's., at night it would be even more fantastic! You can plug in the unit if you have an electrical outlet or run it off the 845WH battery made for it. I would suggest another battery or another power source if using the unit off grid. The battery takes around 6 hours to charge. It has it's pros and cons just like anything. It's a little bulky but designed to be as big as a large gym bag. I wish it put out more BTUs, however it does a good job for 2300 BTUS! It is very portable and the fact it has a battery is awesome!! This would be great for hot/humid climates!!

3. From @Tim Havner

Just upgraded my camping game for my ZeroBreeze Mark 2 air conditioner and diesel heater! And the best part? I installed 2 4.5” ports to connect them without having to go through the zipper windows on my tent.

Van Modification Case

From @Tammy Williams

In Ashland, Oregon, my campsite at Emigrant Lake was in direct sun all day, but I needed to keep the doors closed because of the dogs. The Zero Breeze Mark 2 kept the van quite comfortable!

Sailboat Case

From @Nick Sanchez
It’s 92°F in the steering cabin, and about 70° in the berthing. This is a trial run for my AC unit. So far I’m pretty happy, and so if the wife, which is infinitely more important. My next trial is to route the output into the aft berthing from the steering deck.

RV (recreational vehicles)

1. From @Damian Overlander

I am very happy about Zero Breeze AC and the power station.
Outside temp is more then 83 F and after 30 min run I got 76 F inside. I use this AC while parking my car because city rules say NO IDLING for more then 3 min. I am charging electHive while driving using the original charger 200 Watts and my power inverter 12 volts / 110 V .
That solved the problem for the summer and not getting tickets for idling.

 2. From @David Lee

It’s still just the beginning stages, but wanted to show where I’m at so far. What you can’t see well is that the screens are still in the windows and the blue camping foam cutouts rest down into the slot. I have quick connect dryer connectors to remove easily. Not quite sure where I’m going to put the unit as it’s just sitting on a piece of wood for now. Possible to move it under the bed or an elevated stand under the above shelf and run the hoses a bit more. Not sure. Either way it’s a nice design so far. My sprinter only runs rooftop ac on 30amp or the generator I have (noisy as heck) so this actually works well while driving off the inverter and I have people back there during hot weather. So far it works wonders down in the 90+ Florida heat. I plopped a temp curtain just to create a little bit of a temp divider and might go thermal since it works so well.

RTT (rooftop tents)

1. From @Tim Havner

Getting ready to head to Colorado from South East Texas in 6 days, still really hot here but night temps around Amarillo are in the low 60’s so won’t need it as much at night the further north I go. And if it gets to chilly in the tent just put the hot exhaust hose in the tent and remove the cold air hoses, doubt I’ll need to do that though.

2. From @Rob Riingen

Just completed an amazing 9 day summer overland adventure, most of it in the blazing heat of Utah and Arizona above 95 degrees in August. My setup of RoofNest Falcon XL+Renogy 350W flex solar+ Jackery1500+ Zero Breeze2 Air Conditioner + Bouge RV fridge all worked extremely well for me. The Jackery never dipped below 65% ever and each night I went to bed with both Jackery and ZB2 battery fully charged to 100%. Zero Breeze2 makes summer camping downright amazing at night. It ran all night on its own battery and each morning I consistently had 2 bars left. We had zero condensation even though we were completely sealed up.


1. From @Joseph Mote

The Zero Breeze is a great product for keeping our pups cool in the Florida heat.

2. From @Milo Meloy

Little man had a rumpus in his bedroom, knocked his picture frames askew, threw toys everywhere... and then promptly took a breezy nap.

We love our MK2 for making hot days in the van comfortable so they can still be fun.


Outdoor Usage

1. From @Viveca Chasteen Velez

I only used my zero breeze on a camping trip once so far. I live in South Florida, so I may not be doing any more camping until October. But I decided to get some use out of it and enjoy drinking my coffee out on my patio this morning.

2. From @Sandra Frey Pearson

 Using my AC to watch the kiddo’s swim lessons.

Special Case:

From @Kevin Holcomb:
I use my Zero Breeze Mark2 to keep my orchids cold at night.
Yes, you heard that right. Most people think of the hot tropics when they hear the word "orchid", but there are thousands of high-elevation species, that need cold nights in the 50's F (10's C), or below, in order to survive, but most importantly, to produce flower buds. Most of these species are miniature species. The plants are only a few inches tall and the flowers may be only 2-3 mm long.
Before I found the Zero Breeze, I relied on my home A/C to bring the temp down at night, but that was difficult during the hot nights of late summer in Atlanta. It was stressful for me and tough on my electric bill. I got my Mark2 05/05/22 and that very first night the temp dropped to 52F (11C). Even through the hottest nights of summer, the night temps never got above 55F (13C). It will soon be one-year, and it is still going strong, running every night for 11-hours continuously.
Why do I put so much effort into these plants? First, if they are grown correctly, they bloom continously all year long, covered with lots of tiny brightly-colored flowers. Second, several of the plants in my collection are new species. They don't even have names yet, and a few may be the only plant of that species in existence. If one plant dies, the entire species might be lost forever.

Through different usage scenarios from users, these cases help you to gain inspiration and identify the suitable ways to utilize your Mark 2 AC, maximizing its potential functions to provide you with an effective cooling environment. ZERO BREEZE will always be committed to providing portable outdoor air conditioning solutions.

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