Smart Living, Cooler Spaces: A Review of User Experience with Mark 2 AC
This article discusses the principle of the dual-pipe system at the rear of the Mark 2 air conditioner, as well as how users can apply it to various scenarios. This includes modifications for car windows, usage in recreational vehicles (RVs), rooftop tents (RTTs), trailers, pets, etc. The portability of the Mark 2 air conditioner offers users the convenience of cooling in different situations.
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An EMS helper - ZERO BREEZE Mark 2
Not only on outdoor adventure trips, but Mark 2 air conditioner is also great in many fields. Numerous customers mentioned that they purchased the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 for a loved one with a condition that causes loss of body temperature control. We are glad that ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is able to provide such help to these people with special needs.
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Any ideas on keeping a RTT cool at night?
The ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 works great! Last week in Orlando mid 90's during the day and 76 at night. I set the a/c unit on a sheet of rubber on the roof of the truck, ducted the outlet into the top of our king-sized RTT with 12x12 annex.
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