How do you install solar panels on your van?-STEP 2

How do you install solar panels on your van?-STEP 2

STEP 2: Choose a battery bank for your van.

You will need a battery bank for your solar installation in your van. Because of the unstable current, you cannot charge the device directly through solar panels. The size of the battery depends on your energy use and solar panels. You should know how much power you need for your van, then things will be much easier.

When you purchase a battery bank, you need to check the battery MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking), which is a technique to regulate the charge of your battery bank. The MPPT of your battery bank must match your solar panels. Some come with solar panels pre-installed if you buy a pre-made RV or camper. Then you need to check how much power the pre-installed solar panel has.

Your van has many of its systems set up to run on DC battery power. Things like your lighting, water pump, and refrigerator run off your van's batteries.

We need to pay attention to a few things before we purchase a battery.

  1. Does it store enough power?

Remember, the power capacity should be greater than the power produced by solar panels. Based on the size of your power consumption, you should choose one that can hold the power you need.

  1. Does the output satisfy your needs?

The total voltage should not be greater than the output power.

  1. Can you charge all your appliances?

Some appliances are DC power, some are AC power with three-pin plugs. Make sure the battery bank supports the DC outlet and the AC outlet. Try to use more DC power devices.

  1. Does it match your solar panel?

The battery bank should match the voltage and amps with the solar panel.

There are different types of batteries. You need to carefully choose one for your van. It must be safe, convenient, and stable. We suggest purchasing one that is all in one lithium-ion power station. It has a longer lifespan, higher depth of discharge, and is lighter.

To install a solar energy system in your van, you need to know how to compute the total watt-hour, how to choose a battery bank that meets your needs, and how many panels you need. When you are familiar with these points, you should be able to find a suitable battery bank for your van.

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