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ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 air exhaust
Portable Air Conditioner
Q: Why do you run the intake hose outside to draw in hot air instead of leaving it inside to pull in cold air? Seems more energy efficient to recirculate the cooled air.
A: The unit does not draw air from the outside to be used inside the space. It draws air from the outside to cool the condenser of the a/c system then exhausts the same air back outside. The inside air is recirculated through the front evaporator side.
If the intake hose is put inside, cooled air will be sucked in and wasted on cooling the condenser. As cooled air is constantly exhausted outside, it’ll create negative pressure and draw hot air into the air conditioned area.
Keep the intake and outlet tubes away from each other, otherwise the intake will suck the hot air back in, making the unit to work harder to cool down the air.
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    @Carolyn Gaylord, because continuous extraction of internal air oxygen will cause negative pressure as the oxygen level decreases over time.

  • Carolyn Gaylord

    I don’t understand why there is an intake tube to draw hot air from outside. Why can it not just draw the hot air from in the room? Seems like defeating the purpose of cooling air in the room when there is hot air in the room.

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