Most asked questions about Mark 2 portable AC exhaust system

Most asked questions about Mark 2 portable AC exhaust system

How is heat being removed through the Mark 2 AC?

With dual hose venting heat system, the heat is removed from inside to outside through Mark 2 AC. One hose takes in the outside air, then the air flows across the condenser. The heat is transferred to the refrigerant and finally released into the outside air through another hose. The best way to cool down a limited space is to connect the two hoses and separate them slightly outside of the window or outside the door. Both are in the Mark 2 box.

What is the dual hose system?

ZERO BREEZE had integrated a revolutionary dual hose system to draw in fresh outside air and output the hot exhaust air through another hose. Dual Hose allows an intake hose to be used to circulate fresh air inside. No negative pressure in the room. And it provides better performance and maximizes output cooling power.

How to set up the hoses in the window?

The Mark 2 battery package includes two foam adapters. So if you order the battery, you can use the foam adapter to extend the hoses to the outside.

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    Hi@Sarah DAUGHERTY, you can use it as a spot cooler by directing it straight at you. Alternatively, if possible, you can also hang a curtain to divide the sleeping area from the rest which makes it a smaller area to cool more effectively.

    Hi@Dan, Absolutely! Here is the installation instruction from a customer who successfully installed the Mark 2 inside a sealed weathertight tote:

  • Dan

    Can I install the mark 2 inside a portable closed weathertight tote outside my trailer, port the exhaust and intake hoses to the outside, and port the cool air hose into my trailer? Would this create an issue? I’m trying to avoid having the condensation leak all over the inside of my small trailer


    I a great rental cottage 1910. Oddly, my bedroom has a plate glass window, and so in the summer, I am too too hot.

    The rental is historical (long beach, ca) and cannot be modified with windows. I have an air.conditioner in my regular living room window,but I want serious cooling for my bedroom at night. There is a door to the li ving room but no door to exterior of the building in my bedroom. Would zero breeze be helpful …without a window that opens and without an xterior door for hoses?

  • Anonymous

    Dear @Jennifer,Yes,the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC can run on electric as well as battery.

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