TIPS - Do you need to charge it before powering it on?

No need to recharge your Elechive when use it at first time.

No need to full cycle your ElecHive

The ElecHive has been charged and discharged for two full cycles before shipping, so there's no need to do it yourself after all.

Many believe that all battery products should be charged to 100% to maximize their usable capacity before they are used, so they imagine it will be the same with ElecHive. Although ElecHive doesn't need that, you can still do it on your own.

It normally comes with 70% capacity. You can first charge it up to 100% power. It is also best to use its charge until 0% is reached to maximize the usable capacity of the battery product.

It was subsequently recharged to 100%. But after those steps, it's OK to use the battery as you wish. But clearly, switching to the 90% capacity option is recommended to extend its capacity.

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