Why is my portable air conditioner not cooling?

Why is my portable air conditioner not cooling?
Why is my portable air conditioner not cooling?
First of all, it is necessary to check whether the product is not cooled due to product failure, or there are other factors that cause the portable air conditioner to be uncooled or not effective

Turn on and check whether there is cold air at the outlet under the air conditioning cooling mode,
1. If there is normal cold wind, it means that the air conditioner has no cooling failure;
2. If there is no cold wind, check whether the lower cold air vent and the tail heat dissipation port are blocked. If there is, please open the wind shield or remove the blocking objects and retest;
3. Check whether the cold air vent and the tail heat dissipation vent are working properly and whether the normal air flow is discharged; check whether the compressor starts working by sound; if there it doesn’t work, you will need to contact the after sale customer service for professional maintenance request.

Second, Environmental factors:

Traditional air conditioners use multiple times of cooling capacity than portable ac to achieve cooling effect in a relatively large area in a short time. Although the portable air conditioner has small cooling capacity, it has the characteristics of small, flexible and efficient. It can be closed to people or areas that need to be cooled, and achieves the goal of cooling under low power.

The experience can also be affected by the size of the space, the thermal insulation conditions, and whether there are large transformations in the environment: such as heat sources such as sunlight and fire, humidity.
Fixed air conditioners are less affected by the environment; portable air conditioners are more sensitive to the environment, so when we use portable air conditioners, there are environmental factors to pay more attention:
1. Do not get too far away from the portable air conditioner cold air vent.
2. Keep the space thermally insulated as much as possible to avoid direct sunlight
3. Do not have other large heat sources in the space
4. The space is closed as much as possible to reduce the loss of cold air flow
5. The space is cooled by using dual exhaust pipes and connected to the outdoor

Normally, people Purchase the portable air conditioner is to cool an insulated space, or to cool a small open space, so you need to know the actual cooling space needs and the cooling capacity of the air conditioner to choose

Here we list below information to show the approximate relationship between BTU and cooling space size for your reference.
BTU room size (length x width)
7,500 150 square feet
9,000 200 square feet
10,000 300 square feet

The following website provides calculator for BTU and space size. There is a certain deviation between the actual effect and the calculation result.

The cooling capacity of ZERO BREEZE is 2300 BTU / h, which can be used in the space less than 50 feet according to the above prediction. Here is how ZERO BREEZE works: When the ambient temperature is 100F / 38C, the humidity is about 50%, there is no sunlight, the insulation is good, the space temperature can drop by 9-22F / 5-10 ℃ in 5 mins in the cooling space of 25-40 feet.

Last but not least, we should also pay attention to the climate type of air conditioner,
T1 type environment requires between 18-43 degrees
T2 type environment requires 10-35 degrees
T3 type environment requires between 21-52 degrees
The common consumer grade is T1, ZERO BREEZE portable air conditioner is also T1.
The air conditioner efficiency will also be greatly reduced under unmatched environment type . Special operating environments require professional-grade air conditioners.

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