Van Life Cooling Collection
Van Life Cooling Collection
Van Life Cooling Collection
Van Life Cooling Collection
Van Life Cooling Collection
Van Life Cooling Collection
Van Life Cooling Collection
Van Life Cooling Collection

Van Life Cooling Collection

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Efficient Power Consumption

Uses only about 1/5th of the power (240 W) compared to other conventional air conditioners.

Battery Operated

You can simply run the Mark 2 with any 24 V battery supply or use our Mark 2 Battery for about 3-5 hours of portable use.

2300 BTU Capacity

Drop up to 30° F within 10 minutes in a 25-40 ft² insulated setup

Weighs only 16.5 pounds

You can easily carry the Mark 2 around with a single arm.

View Mark 2 Series User Manual 

Working Mode Cool, Fan, Sleep, Strong
Wind Speed Level 4
Sound Level 52dB(A)
Cooling Power 2300 BTU
Climate Type T1
Cooling Rated Input 240W
Rated Voltage 24V DC
Unit Size 20"L x 10"W x 11"H
Weight 16.5lb
Moisture Protection IPX4
Vent Hose Exhaust Configuration Dual Hose


Mark 2 Battery Specification

View Mark 2 Battery User Manual

Battery Type 18650 Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery
Capacity 24V 35Ah/ 840Wh
DC Charge Input 18V-36V (Recommended input voltage: 21V-27V)
Full Charge Time About 6 hours
(by official power adapter)
DC Jack Output 12V/5A Max
USB Type C PD(5V,9V,12V,20V/45W Max)
USB Type A 5V/2A Max
Net Weight 12lb
Size 20"L x 8.6"W x 2.3"H
Operation Temperature
0℃-40℃ / 32 °F-104 ℉

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Summer Sale: Cool Solutions to Beat the Heat!

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“Since using the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 outdoors, I’ve said goodbye to those restless, hot nights. Every camping trip is now a perfect sleep experience.”


Denver, CO


“Thanks to the Mark 2, my wife and kids are now eager to join me on camping trips. It brings the comfort of home into the wild, making our family adventures delightful.”


Austin, TX


I cannot sleep if it’s hot and humid. Mark 2 not only removes humidity from my campervan, it cools it to a comfortable temperature. It also uses only 150 watts in sleep mode which is critical when you rely on solar.

Pamela Ernest

Los Angeles, CA


Sometimes I just gotta keep the family happy! Chose it because the size and form factor of the zero breeze let’s me bring it in our packed Jeep. Memories of happy camping are priceless!


Bozeman, MT


AC at beach house failed. I grabbed the Mark 2 from the camper and used it to cool a single bedroom. I put the hose out the window, venting the heat... and I cooled the room so well, I actually got cold...

Stephen Cox

San Diego, CA


“Summer camping was a challenge until I discovered ZERO BREEZE. Now, I can enjoy the great outdoors without the discomfort of sweltering heat.”


Asheville, NC

Serene Nights, Outdoor Delights

Say goodbye to muggy, sweaty nights and unwelcome mosquitoes. Whether you're in a tent, van, station wagon, truck, roof top tent, Mark 2 ensures your sleep is peaceful and uninterrupted.

Cool Anytime, Comfort Anywhere

Whether it's after exercising, for your pet, or under a beach umbrella, the Mark 2 can provide you with targeted, rapid cooling. Enjoy refreshing naps and relaxed moments, ensuring comfort for you and your loved ones in the great outdoors.

Redefining Outdoor Cooling

Outdoor cooling solutions were once ineffective, adding unwanted humidity, bulky, not compact or portable, loud, and consuming large amounts of energy, making cooling on the go far from easy. Now, the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is designed to be different, offering a new cooling experience with just one tap.

Unmatched Portability

Cool on the Go: At just 16.5 lbs, the Mark 2 is easy to lift with one hand, whether you're heading to the sky, the sea, the mountains, or the plains. It saves compact camping space and can be carried anywhere with ease.​

Rapid Cooling Capacity

Swift Relief from Heat: Experience fast cooling in just ten minutes as the temperature drops from 90°F to 60°F at the vent, swiftly relieving you from sweaty and sticky discomfort.

Compact Compressor Tech

Pioneering Cola Can-sized Compressor: The unique micro-twin-cylinder compressor, the heart of the Mark 2, delivers powerful cooling in a compact size, minimizing noise and energy consumption.

Flexible Power Options

The independent battery design makes the Mark 2 a true off-grid champion, easily rechargeable via solar, car, or portable power sources, ensuring continuous cooling anywhere.

Low Energy Consumption

Off-Grid Efficiency: The Mark 2 efficiently balances cooling needs with energy consumption, using just 240W to keep you cool without excessive power demands.

Dual Duct Efficiency

Dual Duct Innovation: Mark 2’s unique front and rear duct system minimizes cooling loss by 50%, delivering efficient and quiet cooling in any setup, indoors or out.

Ease of Use

Simplicity at your fingertips: With the Mark 2, cooling is just a button press away. No installation required. Remote control is also available for added convenience.

Embrace the Wilderness with ZERO BREEZE Mark 2


ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is the world's first portable air conditioner, designed to provide a cool and comfortable environment for outdoor enthusiasts.

Mark2 AC works by pulling the warm air from your room, removing the heat and humidity and fill your room with cooler and dehumidified air.

Yes, the Mark 2 is designed to efficiently cool various spaces. With 2300 BTUs, it can effectively cool an area of 25-40 square feet under ideal conditions. However, please note that the actual cooling performance may vary based on factors such as the size of the area, direct sunlight, outside temperature, humidity, setup of the exhaustion tubes, and other environmental conditions.
For more tips on optimizing your cooling experience, visit our website.

The Mark 2 AC unit is designed for easy outdoor use, so it doesn't require installation. The front and rear inlet and outlet ducts can be connected with hoses as needed.Learn more

To power the Mark 2 AC, you'll need either a 24V power source or a Mark 2 battery. For AC output, there's typically no specific power requirement. However, for DC output, make sure the output power exceeds 240W. Learn more about 8 power supply solutions.

Yes. You will need a 12V to 24V converter to directly power the unit.

You can charge the Mark 2 battery using a wall outlet, an ElecHive power station, or other brands of power stations, a 24V power bank or lithium battery, a solar panel, or a car. For detailed instructions, refer to our blog or dedicated FAQ page for more information.

The estimated time for a full charge is approximately 6 hours when using the official power adapter.

The patented noise cancellation technology allows Mark2 AC to work at 40-50 dB (A).

Yes. Be sure to attach the drainage pipe to the AC before use.

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is available in three type options, each offering the same functions and features. The key difference lies in the optional extra battery feature. Here's a breakdown of the types:

Basic Type – Does not include batteries; powered by shore.

PLUS Type – Includes one battery, providing up to 8 hours of cooling.

PLUS EXTRA Type – Includes two batteries, offering up to 16 hours of cooling.

Note: Please note that actual cooling times may vary depending on factors such as ambient temperature, humidity, and insulation. The values provided are for reference purposes.

1 * ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 Air Conditioner

1 * 24V DC Power Adapter for Wall Outlet

1 * Drainage Pipe

3 * Venting Hose

2 * Venting Hose Connection Adapter

1 * IR Remote Controller

1 * ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 User guide

2 * Screws for Connection Adapter of Mark 2

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 comes with a 30—day money—back guarantee and a 1-year warranty that includes free repairs, replacements and parts replacement. Return Policy. Warranty Policy.

All shipping costs are calculated based on the weight and the final destination of the order. For further details, please refer to our Shipping Policy.

We offer sockets in US, CN, JP, AU, EU, and UK standards. The socket delivered will match the customer's receiving address. Alternatively, customers can specify their required socket specifications when placing an order.

Learn more about cooling effect, power supply, exhaust, drainage, maintenance, etc.

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