How do you install solar panels on your van?

How do you install solar panels on your van?

Install solar panel on your van

Advantages of the camper-van solar system

More and more campers are going solar. If you are a camper who loves to stay off-grid, generating your own power is necessary. Your light, fridge, and ability to charge your phone and laptop all rely on electricity. Here are some benefits of having solar energy in your camper van.

1. Off-grid

Nothing more fun than camping wherever you want, and no need to worry about whether the campground or hookups are available. The freedom to get closer to nature is so amazing. You can stop by anywhere you want to. Solar energy could play a big role in it.

2. Energy-clean

Another benefit of solar energy is that it is a sustainable natural source of power. And it won't cause any pollution. You will want to install solar panels on the roof of your van to get more sunlight exposure. It is important to protect our planet, the best way to do that is to cut out unnecessary gas consumption. Ditch that gas / battery powered portable generator, and have a solar powered system installed. Otherwise, we won’t have a chance to explore the beauty of nature.

This will free up a certain amount of space inside the van. Solar panels are normally very thin. Probably thinner than you think. Most of them are one inch thick or even less. There is no need to worry about adding height to your vehicle.

3. Cost-free

Once it's installed, you will have a reliable source of power for about 20-30 years. And it doesn't cost much to maintain. As you are using solar energy, you don't need to purchase extra gasoline or something to run your van, it will be so convenient and save a lot of money and time. Enjoy nature much more with your family.

You might wonder how you could use solar energy in your van. A solar panel works by collecting energy from the sun and turning it into electricity. Here is how it works.How do solar panels work?

  1. Sunlight activates the panels

  2. The panels produce electrical current

  3. Electric energy is stored in the battery bank

  4. Appliances run off the battery bank

        Now that you have decided to install a solar system in your van. The next thing you need to know is that your devices don't run electricity directly from your panels, you will need a battery bank to run your devices. Make sure your solar energy is strong enough to recharge your battery bank. Knowing how much electricity you need, how to choose a battery bank that matches the panels, and how many solar panels you need will be important. We will break it down into steps, and walk you through it step by step. As a result, you will be more knowledgeable about solar energy.

        Advantages of the camper-van solar system

        STEP 1: Calculate how much power you need for your van.

        STEP 2: Choose a battery bank for your van.

        STEP 3: Decide how many panels you need.

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