How to Achieve Simultaneous Charging Batteries and Usage for Mark 2 Air Conditioners

How to Achieve Simultaneous Charging Batteries and Usage for Mark 2 Air Conditioners
Some users may wonder about how to use ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 while charging, the blog will tell you.


Firstly, items that are needed:

1 x MK 2 AC
2 x MK 2 batteries
1 x Power Extension Dock (can be bought at)
1 x 240W adapter (included in Mark 2 box)

How to connect:

Use the Power Extension Dock to connect the MK 2 AC and two MK 2 batteries, and connect the 240W adapter at the same time. The 240W adapter can be either plugged into alternating current or direct current (ElecHive).

What effect does it bring:

By implementing a dual-battery parallel power supply system for the MK 2 air conditioner and utilizing a 240W adapter, each battery can receive a maximum charging power of 120W. The air conditioner's power consumption is 240W, which matches the capacity to maintain the normal operation of the air conditioner while ensuring that the battery is fully charged.. As a result, the MK 2 air conditioner is able to operate continuously without any interruptions, providing efficient cooling and comfort wherever it is used.
  • The 240W adapter needs to be plugged into a wall outlet or a mobile energy storage power source that can provide more than 240W.
  • If one battery is used to charge and power the device simultaneously, it can only extend the battery's usage time. Due to the inconsistency between power output and input (a single battery can only input 120W of electricity, while the air conditioner requires 240W of power output), it can not be used continuously, and the battery will still drain eventually.
For the full 8 power supply solutions for Mark 2 AC, please visit here.



    @chris Yes, you could use the power extension dock. For the second question, you can use AC or energy storage power supply directly.

  • chris

    Can I have both batteries connected and run off of an outlet without draining the batteries? Can I run without any batteries plugged directly into an external power source?

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